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eye makeup for professionals and corporate world

Many of our loyal customers are working professionals, and we have noticed they tend to purchase the same products to help them look their best at work. The top sellers in this category are Espresso Liquid Liner, Silk Mascara and our fabulous Liquid Brow Liner in various shades.

The key to wearing makeup to work in a professional setting is to not overdo your makeup. Extreme lash extensions and heavy eye makeup are best saved for a weekend in Vegas for your best friend’s bachelorette party. With corporate makeup, we strive for a very clean and polished makeup look. Since all of our products last all day long, those who plan to go out after work will still look stunning, even 12-15 hours after applying their makeup.

Espresso Liquid Liner is the most well-loved eyeliner in the corporate environment as it is impactful enough without looking too harsh like a jet-black liner would. Our clients who are lawyers, doctors, teachers and in the customer service industry swear by this eyeliner.

Our Silk Mascara is known to many as “the pretty mascara.” It is also very suitable for any professional environment. Many of our customers will add a few layers of our Ultra Volume or Massive Length Mascara if they plan to head out right after work to intensify their lashes.

Well-groomed brows will not only make you look at least 5 years younger (LEARN MORE HERE) but it’s also a game changer to your entire makeup look. At Amaterasu, we make a very natural looking Liquid Brow Liner. It goes on sheer and unlike brow pencils or brow gels, it stays on all day and is extremely comfortable to wear. You never have to worry about your brows smearing off as the day goes by.

If you are thinking of refreshing your makeup technique, we do have 2 makeup artists we would highly recommend:

Tarah Kostenko, is a Vancouver based makeup artist with a beautiful personality. Taking lessons from Tarah is like learning how to do makeup from your best girl friend, therefore, we are sure you will be at ease and have lots of fun at the same time. Not to mention you will look amazing after spending some time with her!

Astrid Woodard is very well known and respected in Edmonton, Alberta. Her warmth and joy make her a pleasure to be around and work with. When Astrid is not busy with her appointments at Eclectica Beauty Studio, she is at CTV Studios dolling up TV personalities. You will look like a celebrity after having Astrid work her makeup magic on you!

We hope this blog post will give you some new ideas for your daily work makeup regime. Remember that less is more when it comes to your every day professional makeup look.   

To your best look,


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