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Meditation Secret to Inner Beauty Amaterasu from Amaterasu Beauty on Vimeo.

We know that life is really full and can get a little hectic for everyone at times. That is why we at Amaterasu are so passionate about meditation. This simple act of slowing down the mind for even a few minutes every day can work wonders.

When some people hear the word “meditation” they get a visual of a monk in a cave or having to sit on the floor with crossed legs in a weird position, which seems horribly uncomfortable. However, we are here to tell you that anyone and everyone can find a way to meditate and it will have a tremendous benefit.

Every major religion and spiritual tradition has some concept of meditation or contemplation. It is so important to learn and practice being still and silent. At first it might seem difficult but once you do it for a while you will start to notice that those moments of peace and calm will carry over into your every day life. This usually translates to feeling happier, being less impulsive and having the ability to stay calm in stressful situations.

We have mentioned in previous blogs that we have located several of our models at meditation class! One of these beautiful ladies is Savannah Fox, who is an entrepreneur and mentor to youth under 25. Please watch this video to hear her speak about the importance of meditation.

The Dalai Lama once said that if children were taught how to meditate in school that we would eradicate world wars in one generation. That is powerful stuff! Check out our video today and we hope it inspires you to get your “OM” on. Happy Meditating!

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