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You shouldn’t have to choose between looking your best, caring for your health, and your valuable time. 

It's our mission to help you have it all. Clean ingredients, 24 hour smudge-proof, easy-to-use eye makeup you can trust to stay on your longest days. 

Amaterasu – The Japanese Sun Goddess of illumination, brilliance, and beauty.

Creating makeup that can keep up with your lifestyle since 2008.

Established in Vancouver BC, we remain an indie beauty brand offering the only clean eye makeup collection that looks the same from application to removal.

Clean Makeup - High Performance

We can always do better. We apply this philosophy to the makeup we create by going above and beyond industry standards to create clean makeup that truly delivers. 

All of our products are and have always been paraben, phthalate, PFAS, and cruelty-free. 

We continue to innovate and find more ways to offer you the cleanest makeup, easiest application, and longest-lasting results.

Make time for the things that matter

Your time is precious. We know you want to spend it with the people you love the most and doing what’s most important to you… not worrying about your makeup. 

We created this eye-makeup collection, so you don’t have to spend hours applying, touching up throughout the day, or worrying about nasty ingredients. 

It’s makeup you can trust and feel good about. 

Hi, I’m Sara. CEO and Founder of Amaterasu Beauty

Mom, Makeup Artist, Philanthropist, and Realtor

Before creating Amaterasu Beauty in 2008, I was a makeup artist and trainer. I got to work with some of the biggest beauty brands, and needless to say, I had access to the best products out there. 

It wasn’t until The Miss America pageant in 2006 that I realized that the best was not good enough. As the head makeup artist, I selected the products to go into the makeup kits of the 52 contestants. I added what was supposed to be the top eyeliner in the industry, but it kept smearing under the hot lights. 

I took it into my own hands to create an eyeliner that was truly smudge-proof, waterproof, and long-lasting. But, there was a problem. Long-lasting often means that there are harmful ingredients added for staying power. And, as someone with sensitive skin who is very health-conscious, I was not willing to put health on the line when creating this product. 

I was committed to stepping above and beyond the industry standard to create the cleanest makeup out there, without compromising on its performance.

In Japan, I found a manufacturer and we got to work. After many failed attempts trying to get the perfect formula and applicator, we finally did it.

Makeup artist clean beauty brand founder Sara Au Yeong Amaterasu Beauty

In 2008 Geisha Ink was born with the release of our first product, The Liquid Eyeliner (Geisha Eyeliner as it was known at the time).

Our Liquid Eyeliner didn’t just have the staying power women everywhere were looking for, it was also approachable to all skill levels, clean, and suitable for sensitive eyes. It became an instant cult classic and pro makeup artist favourite. 

Over the years, I continued to develop clean products that solve common makeup problems women everywhere experience. We introduced a mascara collection created with lash types in mind, pencil eyeliners, and our popular brow liner. 

Vogue Geisha Ink Eyeliner Amaterasu Beauty

In 2015 we rebranded from Geisha Ink to Amaterasu.

Geisha Ink represented the rebellious Sara looking to disrupt the makeup industry. Amaterasu represents brilliance, beauty, and illumination, which better aligns with my journey and reflects the direction we’re heading. 

I continue to perfect my formulas to make them even cleaner, longer-lasting, and easier to use because I believe we can always do better. I want everyone to have access to clean makeup, so they can reduce the toxic load in their bodies as well as to Mother Earth. 


Amaterasu wouldn’t be what it is today without your support.


With gratitude,



Giving Back

I believe that one of the best things we can do as humans is to support each other by giving back. For every Amaterasu purchase, we donate a percentage of the proceeds to a women’s support charity. To learn more about the charities we support, go here