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Free Shipping on orders over $49 - before taxes and after any applied discounts

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Formerly known as Geisha Ink, Amaterasu (AH-mah-tay-RAH-su) specializes in long lasting, high quality, smudge-proof and water-proof makeup.

The Queen and Her Beauty Rituals

The Queen and her Beauty Rituals

Cleopatra is historically known as one of the most beautiful women who ever lived. She was famous for her glowing skin, thick shiny hair and of course, her fabulous eye makeup. She was a powerful and radiant woman and made sure to look the part every day. Even today, “the Cleopatra” eyeliner look of thick black lines extending out in a “cat eye” style is popular all over the world. [… Read more]

Self Love

Blog-Self Love

February is usually associated with romance, flowers, chocolates and hearts. Many of us long for the fairy tale Valentine’s Day experience and may get a case of the winter blues if we don’t have a special someone to celebrate with. However, whether we are single, attached or somewhere in between, we can always give more love and care to ourselves. [… Read more]

Good Mental Health

Blog - Good mental health

Life is all about ups and downs. The only thing that is consistent is change, and how we handle all those changes from happiness, anger, sadness, anxiety, etc, is the key to our mental health. The Canadian Mental Health Association explains, “Good mental health isn’t about avoiding problems or trying to achieve a ‘perfect’ life. It’s about living well and feeling capable despite challenges.” [… Read more]



Empowering Beauty Everywhere

In 2008, Vancouver based beauty brand Geisha Ink blazed onto the cosmetics scene gaining critical fame and success with its exceptional line up of beauty essentials, including the cult fave, Liquid Eyeliner. This fabulous and well-loved Canadian beauty brand got its own makeover last year with a new name and look. Amaterasu (pronounced AH-mah-tay-RAH-su) brings Geisha Ink to a whole new level – emphasizing strength, empowerment and elegance. Rest assured, the quality and high standards that Geisha Ink is known for has not changed – only the name and look. Amaterasu is about empowering beauty everywhere with a stellar line up of high-quality, easy to use beauty products.


Make-up professional and creator Sara Au Yeong’s vision has always been focused on creating outstanding products that perform at an optimum level. Each piece in the collection has been carefully planned and developed to ensure outlasting performance that looks beautiful and feels amazing to wear. Whether a make-up artist or beauty novice, the line up offers professional beauty products that anyone can easily use.


Currently Amaterasu is being sold in high-end spas, salons and specialty boutiques in Canada and USA. In addition, it can also be found in top fashion cities such as Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. “We are so blessed that wherever our customers go, they spread the love by recommending our products to their family and friends,” adds Au Yeong.


Wondering about the plum blossom icon on the packaging? This magical flower perfectly complements Amaterasu’s philosophy, symbolizing strength, prosperity and vitality.