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How long do the Liquid Brow Liner and Brow & Eye Pen last?

Our 24-hour formula stays on from dusk till dawn without moving or smearing. Making it perfect for those with barely-there brows who don’t want to risk a smudge

Are the Brow Pens waterproof?

Yes. Our waterproof formula keeps your arches intact all day. It’s also sweat-proof, swim-proof, and rain-proof so you can enjoy everything life has to offer with your brows on. 

What is the difference between the Liquid Brow Liner and the Brow & Eye Pen?

The Liquid Brow Liner is our classic brow liner, perfect for anyone who wants definition, shaping and sculpting (available in 4 shades). 

Our Brow & Eye Pen comes in two ashy shades with a pigment more opaque than the Liquid Brow Liner but lighter than the Liquid Eyeliner, perfect for those with alopecia or grey hair. The Brow & Eye Pen, as the name suggests, makes for a great natural liquid eyeliner for those who don’t want a stark black or brown line. 

Are Brow Pens easy to use?

YES! This is one of the best parts of our brow products, they’re super beginner friendly. The microfiber applicator allows for an even flow of ink so you get consistent strokes.

Our formula is lightweight and sheer, so you can easily build up the intensity. It’s almost impossible to make a mistake, but if you do, simply dab and wipe with your finger while the ink is still wet. 

For a step-by-step tutorial, check out our Essential Guide to Mastering the Brow Pen.

If video is more your thing, we have one for you. Natural Brow Makeup Tutorial with Liquid Brow Liner. 

Is Amaterasu’s Liquid Brow Liner safe?

Yes. As with all Amaterasu products, both of our brow liners are paraben-free, phthalate-free and PFAS-free. We take great care to ensure the quality and safety of each of our products so you can feel confident that you’re defining your brows with one of the safest formulas in the industry. 

Are the Brow Pens cruelty-free?

Yes. Like you, we care deeply about the ethical treatment of animals. We never test our ingredients or finished product on animals at any point during production. This formula is also vegan. 

How can I find the best colour for me?

Easy! Simply take our Brow Quiz and find the perfect shade for you.