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Best Eye Makeup Brow Liners for Cancer Patient Amaterasu Beauty

Today we wanted to share something with you in hopes it might help you or someone you may know. We have received so many touching messages over the years from cancer and chemotherapy patients about how much Amaterasu products have helped them during their healing and recovery.

The Liquid Brow Liner in particular is a huge benefit to cancer patients who may lose their hair and eyebrows during chemo treatment. This is hopefully a temporary effect and ideally your brows will grow back. Looking your best during a difficult time is one thing that can help make a very challenging process a little bit easier.

Our Liquid Brow Liner has been designed to go on in layers and can deliver all kinds of looks from natural to dramatic. This is particularly useful for those with little to no eyebrow hair, as this brow liner can help you achieve a very natural look that won’t look like you just painted on your brows. This product comes in 4 shades that can accomodate all skin tones and hair colours.

Also, because this product is a smudge-proof, waterproof, 24-hour formula your brows will stay put under all conditions. We have put this product to the test many times in situations from extreme heat, to workouts, to swimming - your brows will not budge. This delivers peace of mind, as you won’t have to worry about your brows smudging off during the day.

Another benefit with this product is the very clean formulation. This is important because a vital element to good health and recovery is to eliminate as many chemicals and toxins as possible in food, household and personal care products. Many beauty products contain very harmful chemicals and additives that over time can cause serious damage to the body. You can use our Liquid Brow Liner with ease, knowing that it won’t cause any extra burden on your health.

If you or someone you know is going through treatment and might appreciate this product, please sign up for our newsletter to receive a 15% off discount on your order. If we can make your healing journey more comfortable and easy, it is our honour to help. Sometimes it’s the little things in life (like great eyebrows) that make all the difference.

To your best life and good health,



Chemotherapy can come with both emotional and physical side effects, including eyebrow loss. Despite this common challenge that so many face, there are certain steps you can take to ease your burden during this trying time. If you are facing a cancer diagnosis and losing your brows, don’t despair. 

At Amaterasu, we understand that eyebrow loss can be daunting and deeply upsetting for anyone. That is why we have put together some supportive advice to help you look more like yourself and feel better during treatment. Read on to learn how cancer fighters can create natural-looking brows. 

Pick The Right Product 
Using a great product will not only give you the results you are looking for, but also make the process go much smoother. You want to find a brand with a stay-all-day formula that has unbeatable blendability, as well as allow you to effortlessly fill, shape and define your brows. From brunette and cocoa to chestnut and taupe, check to make sure the product line you choose offers colours that look natural on your skin tone. 

Choose Clean Makeup
You can achieve natural-looking eyebrows by using a variety of makeup methods. When you are undergoing treatment, it is perfectly fine to wear makeup, as it shouldn’t contribute to hair loss. It is even a great way to show yourself some care and gratitude. Because the skin is more prone to sensitivity during cancer treatment, however, many topical products cause irritation. So, when choosing a makeup brand, make sure it is made with clean ingredients that don’t contain any harmful chemicals and additives.  

Discover What Works For You
From the razor-thin to bushy, straight to arched, and short to long, there are countless eyebrow styles to choose from. While there are some proportional guidelines you might want to follow, at the end of the day, it is about choice. So, if you want to figure out what suits you best, try out multiple styles. Be it pointy arches or rounded ones, it is completely up to you to explore what you like.

Blend The Product
Whatever brow style you end up going with, proper blending is a must. When you blend the product into your hairs (regardless of how many you have) you will be able to achieve a more realistic look. Your fake hair strokes should look as convincing as possible. That way, you won't look like you drew your eyebrows on with a marker. Aim for groomed and natural-looking eyebrows.

Going through cancer treatment can be difficult, but you still have the opportunity to preserve the qualities about yourself you cherish most – including your eyebrows.

For a clean Liquid Brow Liner that lasts, reach out to Amaterasu. 


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