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How to get the perfect skin interview Kristen Cheyne Facial Expression Vancouver Amaterasu Beauty

As the warmer weather approaches, our spirits can be lifted with the bright sunshine, blooming flowers and blue skies; but what about our skin? How can we make sure our skin looks its best during this time of year?

To help us answer this question and more, we had the honor of interviewing Kristen Cheyne, a talented Esthetician, Advanced Skin Therapist and the Founder of Facial Expressions in Vancouver, BC. Kristen is my go-to esthetician and the only one I trust especially when my skin misbehaves. 

Keep reading to learn more about Kristen and her craft, as well as some helpful tips for us all!

Sara: Do you have any tried-and-true skin care tips for the transition from Winter to Spring?

Kristen: Any change of season wreaks havoc on skin, but the transition from dry winter weather to fresh brilliant spring is particularly challenging. Winter-depleted skin is often stressed and unhappy, a bit rough and dull, and in dire need of TLC and moisture. Warmer temperatures and increased activity levels bring with them increased oil production, often resulting in clogged pores.

Proper exfoliation and hydration are what is needed to keep everything in balance. 

Exfoliation - Skip the harsh scrubs in early spring, when they can bring out unwanted redness. Instead, use a gentle, professional-strength fruit enzyme (we love papaya and/or pineapple-based formulas) to loosen build-up, smooth texture, and keep pores clear. Remember with exfoliation: less is more! 

Hydration - Water consumption helps internally, of course, but topical application of water-binding serums delivers more immediate glow. Our favorite hydrating serums combine plumping and hydrating hyaluronic acid with mega-doses of antioxidant-rich vitamins like A, C, and E.

Sara: What inspired you to curate your Seasonal Skincare Solutions?

Kristen: We believe in the natural cycles of the earth and those who reside upon it. It’s obvious to us that seasonal fluctuations occur in skin as our bodies participate in the annual rhythms of life.

Our Seasonal Skin Solutions were inspired by ancient traditions of seasonal foods, rituals, and celebrations. Each season, we blend our understanding of modern skin science with a deeper, holistic approach to self-care and create a selection of specialty facial services that address as many of the weather, activity, and lifestyle considerations as possible.

Sara: Why is it important for you to use products with clean ingredients on your skin?

Kristen: My interest in ingredient integrity came about because of personal experience with overly-reactive skin. Delving into skin science and cosmetic chemistry as a way to understand what was setting off my own skin opened my eyes to the cosmetic industry’s appalling lack of regulation and standards, especially here in North America.

The cosmetic industry is full of opinions, fear-mongering, and gross misinformation.

I choose to follow the science, selecting ingredients and formulas that are properly documented, researched, and backed up by lengthy clinical studies from respected authorities for proven effectiveness, transparency of information, and most importantly, safety.

Sara: How can stress affect your skin and do you have any recommendations of how we can deal with it? 

Kristen: Stress releases cortisol, a hormone that circulates throughout the body and puts certain systems on high alert. Raised cortisol levels directly impact skin health by triggering increased oil production and heightened reactivity. This can result in an increase in breakouts, as well as flare ups of inflammatory conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and rashes. Self-care through skin care goes a long way toward reducing stress, not just the proper products themselves, but the mindful practice of taking time for one’s well-being.

Sara: When did you decide to enter the skincare industry?

Kristen: Speaking of stress, I discovered the skincare profession during a time of incredible personal stress as I was struggling with unhappiness over my first career choices. My skin started misbehaving with redness and breakouts. A very inspiring esthetician taught me about the science behind skin care, plus the incredible opportunity to help individuals feel better about themselves, and I knew I’d found my vocation.

Sara: What is your favourite Amaterasu Beauty product?

Kristen: The Liquid Brow Liners! I’m a minimal makeup girl, so Amaterasu’s Brow Liners help define my features with a natural look, without requiring a full face of makeup. But then there are the Eye Pencils, they all give such a crisp, clean line! Do I have to pick just one?

Sara: What does Empowering Beauty Everywhere mean to you? 

Kristen: Every woman deserves to feel that innate sense of surety and lightness of being that comes from knowing exactly who and what they are. We call it confidence and courage and it’s our mission to help every woman feel that way in her natural state.

We happen to do it through skin care. 

Kristen would love to offer you a $20 off the Spring FX - Flower Power Revival Facial before May 15. All you need to do would be to mention you heard about this offer through Amaterasu when you call to book or if you are booking online, leave her a note during checkout. Enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed learning about Kristen and were able to learn some helpful tips for the upcoming Spring season. Confidence and courage surely do come from the surety of knowing who you are and, just as Kristen said, we also believe in the mission to help every woman feel that way.

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