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Stress Free 24 Hour Eye Makeup Amaterasu Beauty Clean Ingredients

We’ve all been there before: at the end of the day you look in the mirror and find your makeup smudged and smeared from a long, busy day of running around. Whether your makeup plays a large role in your daily routine or you just want something quick and stress-free, Amaterasu products have been designed to solve your problems. We always say, you have enough things to worry about in life, your makeup should not be one of them.

Amaterasu Founder and Creator Sara Au Yeong spent several years searching ingredients and perfecting the formulations to bring you everyday products that you can be confident will last and not irritate your skin. In 2006, while serving as the Head Makeup Artist of the Miss America series in Santa Monica, California, Sara found it difficult to find products that would not smudge, smear or flake under the hot lights.

It was here where Sara decided to set out and solve the problem of smeared makeup by searching for the best smudge-proof and waterproof products, but there was nothing. So Sara realized the only option was to create these products herself. Formulated with clean, high-quality ingredients, Amaterasu strives to create non-toxic and paraben-free products that are ultra long-wearing and won’t irritate your sensitive skin.

Incomparable to anything out in the market at that time and still now, Amaterasu’s first release was the Liquid Eyeliner. A smooth and simple application can be achieved by anyone from a makeup novice to an expert makeup artist. A microfibre brush hand-crafted in Japan allows you to easily line your lash line or create a dramatic Cat Eye, while the unique formulation dries down to a semi-matte finish that will not budge. Available in classic Black and a rich brown Espresso shade, the Liquid Eyeliner is suitable for every season.

More than ten years later, Amaterasu offers many more products - including the Liquid Brow Liner, our Mascara collection, and the vegan, self-sharpening Eye Pencil - all with the same ambition, to provide women with easy, long-lasting, clean makeup that they can count on for every occasion.

Do you want products that will last throughout the whole day, through yoga and other workouts and extreme heat, or humidity? I think we can all agree that the only thing we need to melt away are problems, not our makeup. If you are a busy, multi-tasking and talented modern day maven who wears many hats, Amaterasu products are made for YOU!

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