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Amaterasu Empowers True Beauty

Amaterasu Beauty Creater Sara Au Yeong

Amaterasu Beauty is a cosmetics brand that strongly values creating top quality products with a high ethical standard of integrity. Our products do not contain parabens and can accommodate many individuals with allergies and sensitivities. We always opt for a cleaner alternative wherever possible without compromising on performance.

Creator and Founder Sara Au Yeong’s journey to create exceptional beauty products started in 2006 when she served as the Head Makeup Artist for the Miss America series in Santa Monica, California. One of her duties was to assemble a makeup kit for the contestants, however, she could not find any products at the time that would not smudge, flake or smear under the hot lights. This was the initial inspiration to create a line that would be long lasting, smudge proof, and water proof. At the time, Au Yeong was also dedicated to practicing a very green lifestyle and was also very determined to make products that were in alignment with her principals.

On a trip back to Japan to visit family, Sara was serendipitously connected with a Japanese production lab. She began to work with them to create the first product which was the Liquid Eyeliner. This product is a favourite of women from all over the world, from North America to Singapore to Abu Dhabi. The easy to apply formula, microfiber tip and superior long-lasting quality has created a cult-like following worldwide with women who vow to never use any other liquid eyeliner again. It has been featured and celebrated in countless publications, including Vogue and Elle.

The name Amaterasu is in honour of the Japanese Sun Goddess who illuminates the world with her brilliance and beauty. We believe every woman can be an inspiration and shining light within her community and family, and our products are here to help her look the part. Every day, all day.