Why giving back is important, a huge part of Amaterasu Beauty Canada

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Giving Back

At Amaterasu, we believe in giving back. We have a choice to either make someone’s day or not. We think it is a pretty easy decision to make. 

One of the foundations that we have come across was the Bodhicitta Foundation. 

Unfortunately, India still has a caste system although many people say it has been abolished. The Dalit are the ‘untouchables’. The men generally worked the dirtiest and lowest paying jobs and the mental and physical torment does affect them day in and out. The women and the kids tend to take the lashing after. Due to poverty, young girls are sold off as ‘brides’ and then the abuse continues in their husbands’ home. It is a horrible cycle.

The Bodhicitta Foundation offers education, counselling and meditation classes to the community in the slum village of Nagpur, India. The moms of these girls will receive sewing machines to help them bring in more income for the family. I feel strongly about supporting women by offering them a skillset, and also freeing them from a lifetime of physical and mental abuse. 

We started donating to this cause over the holidays in 2019 and have continued to help out during Covid. $25 a day helps feed a family for 10 days. We thought it was a no brainer.

In addition, we have sent support to women’s shelters as well as senior centres and will continue to expand our reach.

We thank you for your support as it is through your purchase we are able to help out those who are in need of food, shelter and support.

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