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Interview UBC Psychology Christine Cai Model Amaterasu Beauty Eye Liner Waterproof

When Amaterasu Founder and Creator Sara Au Yeong began envisioning our May photoshoot, she didn’t know how quickly it would all work out, or how fate would lead us to Christine Cai. The purpose of this photoshoot is to bring awareness to the ‘Nurturer of the Future;’ society today is sending mixed messages to young women in their 20s and 30s, pushing away from the natural nurturing and caring qualities we all have.

Being a woman is about sharing your nurturing self and you need to find the right balance by surrounding yourself with those who will support and encourage your growth. A recent graduate of Psychology from the University of British Columbia (UBC), Christine helped us represent this.

Sara: We know you’re a recent graduate from UBC, why did you choose to study Psychology?

Christine: At the very root of it, my purpose of studying psychology is to help people who have suffered as I did when I encountered discrimination and injustice from my peers and teachers in China. After really tapping into the field, I learned not only a way of helping others, but also a way to understand the world. I learned how to use the dynamics of people and social relationships to protect others and myself, and I was also able to learn how to apply all the theories into my life to understand how the world works.

Sara: What do you love most about living in Vancouver and what do you miss about your hometown?

Christine: Vancouver is a big city, while my hometown of Yunnan, China, is quite small. In Vancouver, the food and the way people live their lives attracts me most. The people here put more of their concentration on themselves, which inspires me because if you never put any effort into discovering what your real life goal is, you could never find your true self. On the other hand, I miss the weather and food in my hometown, as well as my old friends. Friendship always make me nostalgic and I miss the caring vibe that forms between long-time friends. The weather is quite warm and sunny in my hometown, and the food there is also quite unique; it’s food that could never be found in other cities and countries.

Sara: What is your favourite self-care ritual when you need to recharge and feel your best?

Christine: I love to nap with scented candles when I really need to recharge myself and calm myself down. It is my way to create a sense of escape from reality. When I light a candle and I breathe in the scent of it, I feel any stress and pressure strongly release from within me. The next thing I know, I’ll wake up and everything is new to me again.

Sara: What Amaterasu product do you love most?

Christine: I love the Liquid Brow Liner because the colour Cocoa matches my hair perfectly! It gives me the most precision to perfectly shape my eyebrows. The Brow Liner gives my eyebrows a delicate look, which allows my makeup to appear softer and younger.

Sara: What does empowering beauty mean to you?

Christine: To me, beauty always means diversity and confidence. Diversity can encourage people to embrace their flaws and imperfections and turn them into other kinds of beauty, which in turn promotes people’s confidence and strength in their lives. From my own perspective, embracing our own imperfections and learning how to turn them into beauty is important for us. This move not only helps us to improve our own skill and true identity, but also encourages people around us to learn the beauty of flaws, as well.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Christine! Young women, like Christine, are the nurturers of the future and we must make sure that they are learning to be open, truthful and authentic.

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