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Makeup and Brow Artist Maryam Collahi 24 Hour Liquid Liner Amaterasu Beauty

Happy Mother’s Day! In honor of all the hard-working mothers and mother-figures who have helped shape us into the people we are today, we were able to speak with a talented woman, entrepreneur and mother who has shown us that dedication and passion in what you believe can get you where you want to be.

Maryam Collahi, Owner and Founder of Maryam Collahi Studio in Vancouver, B.C., spoke to us about how she handles the balance between work and Mom life. Keep reading to learn more about this amazing woman.

Sara: When we attended makeup school together I always thought of you as a Superwoman because you were juggling school, working as a hairstylist, and also being a mother of two. How did you do it all?

Maryam: I have to say it was not easy. Once you love something and you’re passionate about it, you just have the drive in you that keeps you going. In my opinion taking on more responsibilities in life makes you work harder.

Sara: You offer a variety of training classes, what do you love about teaching?

Maryam: Yes I do! It started off with Threading classes in 2004 and now offer many courses including Microblading, Makeup Application, and Lash Lifting classes. It’s very rewarding to educate students and to pass on your knowledge to others who share the same passion. I also love being able to create and build relationships with others in the industry, as this allows us to learn something new from each individual. It’s a great feeling to help others who are starting a new journey in their lives.

Sara: How do you manage stress or challenging situations on those off days we all experience from time to time?

Maryam: I dance! I think that really relieves a lot of stress. I love dancing and it just takes me to a different world and all my worries go away. I also love it when my daughter checks in with me through Facetime.

Sara: What is your favourite Amaterasu product?

Maryam: I love the Liquid Eyeliner. It’s so easy to use and it lasts for such a long time and I love that you can get a precise application with the brush tip!

Sara: What does empowering beauty mean to you?

Maryam: Empowering beauty to me means feeling good about yourself, embracing our own flaws and being able to spread positivity amongst others, and inspiring others to find inner beauty.

We hope you enjoyed reading about Maryam and that you spend today celebrating the amazing and inspiring women in our lives who are living embodiments of unconditional Love.

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