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What is one thing you can start doing today that can create positive change Amaterasu Beauty

I woke up this morning thinking as I do often: what kind of world do we live in? A world where a small group of people control the majority of the wealth and influence decisions about our health and well-being, all while programming the masses with fear and misinformation that eventually leads to sickness of the mind, spirit, and body. These people and organizations don’t seem to care that countless families and individuals suffer day in and out because of decisions made from a place of greed.

The remedy to all of this is love, awareness and higher consciousness. Action too of course, yet if we act from a space of fear we may unknowingly do more harm than good. There are things we can do every day to make this world better, no matter what our situation is. It starts with our choices: what we eat, consume, buy, and support, or how we choose to tackle the issues of life, challenging situations and relationships, and where we put our attention. We are all part of the problem and we can all be a part of the solution.

Vibration is a big buzzword right, but I am speaking about consciousness now. Is your mind fine-tuned to watch itself and can you start today, if not? Are you aware enough to catch when you are about to descend into a lower pattern of thought or behaviour and can you interrupt that and infuse it with love? The light of awareness is not always pretty. It will show you things you do not want to see, but it is better to know all of yourself than forever be in the dark. From there, we can all reach higher together. We are remembering that we are Love.

What is one thing you can start doing today that can create positive change? Let us know in the comments below!

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