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My personal experience with this Liquid Brow Liner Amaterasu Beauty Natural Makeup 24 hours clean

I’m going to start off this post by saying that I’ve never been a brow girl and by that I mean I’ve never been the type to fill in my brows on an everyday basis. I like my natural brows, they’ve got a nice shape and although there are a few small gaps I’ve only ever done my brows for special occasions. When I do fill them in it was always a longer process than I expected, but then I got the Amaterasu Liquid Brow Liner and my entire perspective changed.

Using the shade Brunette, I first decided to try it on a normal day before work; no occasion, no wedding, no special event. I feared messing up because of the waterproof formula, so I started off using a light amount of pressure. After two strokes I accidentally used more pressure than I wanted which made me realize I could be a little heavy-handed with how dark my brows are. Once I got going it was so easy and quick to finish! I thought, how could one product replicate my natural brow hairs so easily? In all of 2 minutes, every stroke I made blended seamlessly with my natural hair. Immediately after, I had to let everyone know.

I told my mom, I told my sisters, I texted all my friends and I even told my brother! It had been a while since I was so wowed by a makeup product.

One thing I worried about was my brows fading or smudging away. I tend to rub around my eyes when I’m stressed and my eyelids tend to get oily throughout the day. Flash forward to me at home, looking in the mirror only to see that my brows were the only thing that stayed in place! At this point I was sure my brows would last through anything after the day I had.

I still don’t fill in my brows every day, but the Liquid Brow Liner has become a staple in my everyday makeup bag. I’m always confident that it will only take me a few minutes if I need, or want, to fill in my brows. The precise ease of the Liquid Brow Liner made me believe that doing your brows does not have to be a long process after all.


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