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Amaterasu Beauty, The Making of the Soul in Bloom Photoshoot blog

I love flowers and aside from their beauty, flowers often lift my energy as well. They brighten my day and always make me feel very happy. I tend to buy a select colour or a certain type of flower depending on what I might need in that moment. Flowers and plants are very healing. Next time you go to get flowers, try to connect with them. Close your eyes and see how you feel or sense when you are near a certain bouquet.

For our Soul in Bloom photoshoot, I envisioned wild organic flowers, nothing dyed or artificial. I don’t connect with dyed roses or chrysanthemum at all! I prefer clean, pesticide free, lively blooms and wanted exactly that for this shoot. I decided to call up my friend Lynn Kellogg who is an amazing floral designer and a super talented painter. She connected me with 2 of her floral design partners. I shared my vision with the 3 ladies and we decided to set up a “mini florist” for the photoshoot.

I knew I also wanted to work with a very diligent and skillful makeup artist, so I contacted Heidi Cheung. She and I have been in touch online but never in person. What a delightful addition it was to have her on this team! Heidi was not only super easy to work with, she was so helpful before and during the shoot. A full interview on her to come next!

My assistant for our Soul in Bloom photoshoot was our graphic designer Shelley. She was capturing lifestyle photos as well as assisting me with lighting needs and props. Shelley is always a team player and I hardly have to ask her as she is always thinking what she can do to help. It is a very good trait to have in a group setting.

I am huge on having a storyline during a photoshoot so that my models and even the crew can really get into character. At this shoot, two brides would be shopping for flowers in their upcoming weddings. They would meet at the florist, chat briefly and realize they have so much in common. They then decide to meet again over tea and continued their discussion on flowers, wedding planning, and life. A friendship was bloomed out of this serendipitous meeting. My 2 models actually really connected just like in my ‘script!’ This is a wonderful example of how our visions can come into reality when we intend it!

Have you ever met someone and you feel like you have known them forever? I have, many times. I don’t believe you need to know someone for a long time to have this feeling. Call it chemistry or whatever that suits you but it's a good feeling. You feel at home, and understood. It’s such a safe and secure feeling to have.

Two summers ago, I started meeting very like-minded individuals. I am blown away by their outlook on life and have learned so much just by being in their presence. They are kind, gentle, yet driven. They are passionate, authentic and courageous. I feel elevated to a level of consciousness that is so fulfilling when I am around them. I remember stating vividly that I want to learn more and to expand on my consciousness and then one door opened, and then another opened up to allow for the learning I had wished for.

I hope you too will meet people that lift your spirit, are supportive and always have your back, if you haven’t already. Being surrounded by generous and loving people will bring blessings to every area of our lives.


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