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Vancouver Makeup Artist Kym Davidson Shanghai Photoshoot Amaterasu Beauty Anniversary Eyes

For our Shanghai Dreams photoshoot the glamour of 1930’s Shanghai was brought to life through impeccable wardrobe and makeup work. An incredible team worked together to create the perfect look that could match the vision of Amaterasu Founder and Creator Sara Au Yeong.

We were blessed to have Kym Davidson as our makeup artist that day. Please keep reading to learn more about Kym and her part in our Shanghai Dreams photoshoot!

Sara: Please tell us about yourself and what you do.

Kym: I am a Vancouver-based makeup artist and I graduated from the world-renowned makeup school Blanche Macdonald, in 2000. Since then, I have specialized in bridal, fashion, lifestyle, corporate, and editorial style makeup, and more. My goal is to always bring out a woman's natural beauty by enhancing her best features that also compliment her skin, personality, and style. What I love the most about what I do is that I am creating looks that make my clients feel like the most confident, radiant, and beautiful versions of themselves. For this reason, I absolutely love what I do!

Sara: How did you enjoy creating the makeup looks for our Shanghai Dreams photoshoot?

Kym: I just loved it! The shoot vision that you [Sara] had come up with was amazing and well thought out. Between your ideas and the strong talent from photography, hair, makeup, wardrobe, our beautiful models, and the amazing Amaterasu products, it was a recipe for success. The looks chosen for this shoot were so glamorous, yet so simple. It goes to show that you don't always need to go big with makeup in order to have a glamorous outcome.

Sara: What are your favourite Amaterasu products and how do you use them to create your favourite looks?

Kym: I am in love with the microfibre brush tip on the Liquid Eyeliners! I just can't get enough of them. Whether I want a nice winged look or a tight, lined look, these liners do the trick. I also love the Liquid Brow Liners, as well. I use them to create a unique definition that a pencil or powder can't deliver, and the product lasts all day long!

Sara: What does Empowering Beauty mean to you?

Kym: To me, Empowering Beauty means a glow from within, a sparkle in an individual’s eye that says “I am beautiful and I love myself.” As a makeup artist, part of my job is to design looks that can empower my clients by creating this spark of confidence. Sometimes all it takes is that bright red lip with a strong winged liner and a new dress to achieve just that.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Kym and her part in bringing the class and sophistication of 1930’s Shanghai to life. As Kym mentioned, we also agree that you don’t always need to create an over-the-top, big makeup look to be glamorous. Sometimes the seemingly subtle things are the ultimate magic touch that make you look and feel extra beautiful, inside and out.

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