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What is the Soft Brow Makeup Movement Amaterasu Beauty 24 hour Eye Products

While working on our Spring photoshoot, Shanghai Dreams, I became highly inspired by the softer, natural makeup favoured by the fashionable women of 1930's Shanghai.

I was especially drawn to the slightly rounded and delicately drawn in brows they were sporting. It was never too dark and never too thick; the result was beautiful, soft and feminine.

Nowadays, we are constantly being bombarded by social media on how our makeup should look. The scary thing is, you don’t need a lot of makeup to look presentable. We have been conditioned to think that darker and thicker brows are beautiful, as opposed to delicate looking ones.

The 1930's were the opposite of the opaque Instagram brows that are drawn in with either a wax-like pigment or coloured brow gel. To me, it can look almost clownish to have such strong brows, especially for those who have naturally fair skin, light hair and/or light coloured eyes.

Soon after shooting this project, instead of wearing my usual Brunette Brow Liner, I switched over to the Taupe Brow Liner, as it is a lighter shade. I absolutely love how it softens not just my brows, but my features. I have also been wearing the Silk Mascara lots because I love how pretty my lashes look with it.

If you too have been wearing your brows thicker and darker due to all the images you’ve been seeing in the last few years, why not join us in our #softbrowmovement and try softening your brows. You will be amazed how your face will be transformed with just this subtle shift. I think you may not miss your super dark and super thick brows a bit!

Enjoy experimenting with #softbrows and let us know how it goes!


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