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Posted on February 05 2019


Amaterasu Beauty Shanghai Dreams Photoshoot, 1930s Glamour, Shanghai

Amaterasu Founder and Creator Sara Au Yeong was mesmerized by a photo of her grandmother wearing the traditional cheongsam that was popularized in Shanghai during the early 1930s, when the city had become a thriving hub of industry, art and fashion. This became the inspiration for the theme of Shanghai Dreams.

The models, makeup artist and hair stylists effortlessly replicated the feeling and energy of the glamorous era that was the 1930s.

Please keep reading to learn about the individual experiences that each of the three models, Sarina, Naomi and Reyisai had during this shoot! They each have such unique beauty and character and we just love how they all looked so perfect together.

Sara: Was this your first time modelling? How was the experience for you?

Sarina: This was the very first time that I ever modelled. I had a great experience and it actually ended up being better than I thought it would. Before the shoot, I was actually scared because I didn't know what to expect at all. However, working with such amazing people that day made me realize that I had nothing to be scared about!

Naomi: Yes, it was my first time modelling for a cosmetic brand! I was a lot more excited about it than I thought.

Reyisai: I’ve modelled several times to help out with a friends’ project and mostly to have fun, but this was my first time doing headshots. I was a bit nervous about being in front of the camera, but Rob the photographer surely made it easy. I truly enjoyed the shoot.

Sara: What did you take away from this shoot? Did you learn something new or did your perspective change on something?

Sarina: During the shoot, I saw how everybody was working together as a whole, from fixing makeup to setting up the photography equipment. This shed light on the importance of collaboration on a photoshoot, which really opened my eyes to a new perspective. This changed my thoughts on modelling, as I am now aware that it is much more work than just posing for the camera.

Naomi: One of my friends recommended me for modelling, so here I am! I learned that to grasp the full concept of the photoshoot is one of the model’s duty, to interpret and express it was mine.

Reyisai: As a team, everyone was dedicated to their work. Communication was open, honest and respectful, even in the circumstances where we encountered problems. I would say I saw how teamwork makes the dream work.

Sara: What does Empowering Beauty mean to you?

Sarina: To me, empowering beauty means that beauty is not set in stone and that no single trait is more beautiful than others. It also means accepting different features, shapes and sizes. Everyone is beautiful and should embrace their own unique beauty, while recognizing the diversity of beauty.

Naomi: I think empowering beauty is an art. Everyone is a piece of art, which is why we call people who do hair and makeup ‘artists,’ too.

Reyisai: Be confident. Don’t let your flaws define yourself.

We are so grateful to have worked with these amazing young ladies on the Shanghai Dreams photoshoot. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and we feel that confidence is one of the keys to loving and accepting yourself. 


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