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Goddess Surya Devi Singer Songwriter wears Amaterasu Beauty Smudgeproof Brow Liner

Today’s final feature in our Goddess of the Week series is Surya Devi. A talented singer and musical composer, she has collaborated with Amaterasu on several projects including the recent Geisha to Goddess video shoot.

Keep reading to learn more about Surya Devi!

Sara: Tell us about what you do.

Surya Devi: I sing, compose and produce music.

Sara: How did you like composing Geisha Music for the Geisha to Goddess video?

Surya Devi: It was fun! I did some research and learned a lot from the experience of being at the Geisha video shoot. Something I found out that I thought was cool was that the Geishas were actually very highly trained and skilled performance artists. I tried to capture the feeling of the poise and grace of a Geisha in the music.

Sara: What kinds of music do you normally create?

Surya Devi: Usually I like to mix Sanskrit and Tibetan Mantras or prayers from different Spiritual traditions with more urban sounds, I think of myself as a world music artist and enjoy collaborating with artists across various genres.

Sara: What are your favourite Amaterasu products?

Surya Devi: I love them all! The Liquid Eye Liner and Brow Liner have become products I can’t live without. Sounds dramatic I know, but they really make me feel more prepared to face the day. Those two plus the the Massive Length Mascara are my go-to products. On quiet days I sometimes wear that mascara alone and it really makes my eyes pop.

Sara: What does Empowering Beauty Everywhere mean to you?

Surya Devi: Everyone is beautiful in their own way. We have been fed so many conflicting and unrealistic messages about beauty through the media. I am glad to see companies like Amaterasu honouring diversity and natural beauty. We can all be beautiful and celebrate our natural look and body shape. Beauty is all relative anyway, depending on where you go in the world everyone has different ideas about what beauty is.

True beauty is within of course, yet enhancing and beautifying ourselves externally is also an important process. When we own our innate power and stand in that strength, we embody the Divinity that is within each of us.

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Surya Devi, we agree with her philosophy and are passionate about sharing the message that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

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