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Here is a behind the scenes peek from the vision behind our 10th Anniversary Video Shoot. Join us for a chat with Sara Au Yeong about how the Geisha to Goddess concept was birthed into life.

Question: Tell us about your vision for this project.

Sara: So for the video...basically I talked to the models quite a bit throughout the shoot.

I said picture yourself in this scenario.

There was a scene where I asked one of the models to hold a piece of paper and I said “Okay, you are in Geisha mode right now and you’re plotting an escape. So, I want you to look at each other through your eyes, you’re plotting something, you’re plotting an escape, so you’re looking out to see if anyone else is outside to watch you.”

There were some scenes where I would say “Okay let’s try this again,” but most times they nailed it on the first take. It was really, really good.

The vision for the Goddess was, there was a scene where I said “Okay I want you to stand in a circle and look up to the sky” and...I go “I want you to just feel” because through feelings you convey through your eyes, your expressions, that you’ve arrived at this space where you’re no longer a Geisha.

You’re now the Goddess.

And they did that, they look up, and it was a different feeling, different energy all together.

I remember someone asking me “Why are they in the same costume?”

I said: because you can be in the same skin, but if deep down inside you’re different, how you perceive the world and yourself, then you’re a different person.

That’s why I didn’t want to do an outfit change.

Question: How did you select the beautiful space?

Sara: For me, a space needs to have a certain energy and as soon as I saw this yoga studio I really felt drawn to it. It just felt right.

We were going to shoot somewhere else, but I kept coming back to this space. When I contacted Beverly, the owner of Ocean Breath Yoga, she was available and very gracious about the whole thing.

Question: This was a video shoot rather than photo shoot. How was that for you?

I was a lot more hands on with the video and was able to go in there and really work the energy. I was able to convey certain feelings that I was hoping to achieve through the model’s body language, eyes and gestures.

I was more busy with the photoshoot with hair and makeup because that was the first time we created this look as a team.

At the video shoot, we’d done it before, so the team was really good.

For me, it was more “let’s get into the details, the feelings, the angles, the cameras and lighting and music in the background,” that sort of thing, creating a certain mood, so that everyone feels what they feel.

Question: Can you tell us about what inspired the Geisha dance?

Sara: I see Geishas as performing artists, so for them to just be still, you know...I feel like we were missing this moment of what they’re all about.

So, to have them be involved in a dance, it was a very spontaneous move.

I was visualizing that for sure, but how they delivered was something else. They were really into it and it came so naturally to each of them. We all had a laugh and said they must have been Geishas in their past lives.

It was so much fun.

Question: How does this project fit in with the theme of Empowering Beauty?

Sara: The way this project unfolded and how everyone worked together was a perfect example of our company philosophy and why we do what we do!

Everyone involved did an incredible job, and I was so impressed by how talented, humble and willing each person was.

Áine the makeup artist always gives 110% and her vision and work ethic are so impeccable. She also did double duty and was one of our models!

Silky the hairdresser went above and beyond to master the Geisha hair look and was so kind and helpful. She was so excited to be part of the creative team.

Our models were also incredible. Siena actually emailed us the day before the shoot to inquire about modelling for us which was perfect because our original scheduled model had to cancel last minute because she got sunburnt!

Unbeknownst to us, Annie who is a graphic design student loves to dance and did an amazing job at the Geisha dance when put on the spot to do one. We were all like, WOAH!

The energy was so great and there was no attitude to be found anywhere. Everyone was so easy going, professional & gave it their all.

I feel like we had the Dream Team for this shoot, it was so much fun.

The transformation from Geisha to Goddess is a significant part of Amaterasu’s history and the journey that we are still taking.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the video shoot and that you’ll be there with us in the future for whatever may happen next!

Music by: Surya Devi 

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