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Posted on November 13 2018


Amaterasu Beauty Silk Sohanpaul Stylist Hairstylist Geisha Hair Life Makeup Style Empowering Women

One of the most striking and memorable features of the Geisha is her hair. You might look at her and wonder “How did she get her hair like that?”

We are so grateful to have had Silky Sohanpaul as our hairstylist for our most recent photoshoot. She created flawlessly perfect Geisha hair and almost made it look easy!

A devoted mother and talented hairstylist, Silky shares some of her wisdom with us here today.

Question: How did you enjoy the shoot and creating such an elaborate hair style?

Silky: I felt excited to participate in this kind of photoshoot where you can show your skill and creativity.

Question: How did you first decide to get into hairstyling?

Silky: When I was very young, in fifth grade I knew all the braids and everything. I knew the French and Dutch braids and everything; even though I didn’t really know the names, I knew how to do it.

And then I had a daughter.

She’s eight years old and I do her hair before she goes to school and everyone asks her “Who does your hair?”

She always says to me, “Mom, you make me so pretty, how can you do that? I can’t do that on my dolls!”

Then a few years ago everyone was saying to me,”Why don’t you do this for other people?”

I’m from India, New Delhi, and in my time-I’m an 80s kid-parents would always say “Why are you not studying? Why are you not doing this?”

They’d never think about creativity, what their kids really want to do. So they never told me to do this, they only told me to study.

Nowadays we’re a different type of parent and we see the creativity in our kids.

We don’t force them to study, study study. Studying is a different thing, but if they like to do something let them do it.

So, in my time no one let us do that kind of thing, they thought it was a waste of time.

Then when I was independent, I started my job [in accounting], and when I start making money I did a course, then I started to do it [hair] for other people.

Now I’m doing my job and I get to do the creative stuff I like to do too.

Question: What do you love most about doing hair?

Silky: I have always loved fashion, especially being able to show different art and creativity. Doing a traditional Japanese hairstyle was also a little bit challenging. 

Question: You also did the cat-eye makeup look for one of the models. How was your experience working the Amaterasu Liquid Eyeliner?

Silky: Whenever I do a cat eye look, I have to make sure I have a liquid eyeliner with the perfect tip to bring out the neat look that is desired. Amaterasu’s Liquid Eyeliner has the perfect tip and texture for creating an alluring cat eye and also allows me to create the perfect line.

Question: What other Amaterasu makeup products do you love, and why?

Silky: I bought an Amaterasu Brow Liner a year ago, which is always in my makeup kit. All Amaterasu products are amazing, waterproof, and smudge-proof, and also give an amazingly nice and clean finish. 

Question: You blended with our team so well at the shoot. Do you think it is important we surround ourselves with like-minded people to both elevate and support our cause?

Silky: Yes, we should.

There was good support from Sara [at the photoshoot] and everyone was so nice and were supporting each other. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

You can do a better job when there are those kinds of people around you.

It was a good experience and good vibes.

Do you think it’s also important to surround ourselves with like-minded people who can elevate and support us and our cause? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to Silky for taking time out of her busy schedule to let us speak with her and we hope you enjoyed learning more about this amazing and talented woman.


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