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How to Avoid These 2 Common Eye Makeup Mistakes Amaterasu Beauty Paraben Free


When I was in late teens - early 20s, I was working multiple free-lance gigs to pay for my full-time university education in business.

One week, I would be freelancing for a well-known department store cosmetics brand and other times, I would be doing someone’s makeup for her grad or wedding. Those days were always go-go-go and as a result, I automatically trained myself to work very quickly and efficiently. Some of the makeup tips you’ll find me sharing here are not only effective, it is simple and will cut out any guessing games. I know that we are all busy juggling so many responsibilities, so having a reliable and quick makeup routine will be a huge asset to many of us.

During this time, I was doing a makeup event for a national brand in Vancouver and my customer asked if I could show her how to tone down her makeup to look more natural. I responded by saying, “absolutely” and proceed to grab the only makeup remover this particular cosmetic brand makes. It is one of those half oil/ half water type makeup removers that has to be shaken before use.

Now, let’s get to the main reason why I am writing this blog: If you are trying to tone down your eye makeup, always opt for a water-based makeup remover. If you use an oil-based or cream-based, it will leave oily residue around your eyes. This will only make your eye makeup become super smudgey, until you remove it entirely before bed that night.

Some may ask, what about applying some powder to the eye area after using an oil-based makeup remover? You can, but it all depends on the type of powder you use. It will help with the smudging issue, however because I personally don’t think anyone should live with the anxiety of eye makeup smudging at all - I would avoid using oil-based makeup removers unless you are washing off your makeup before bed.

Another tip: if you ever smudge mascara on your lid, do not attempt to wipe it off right away. The smudged product will get smeared further into your skin if you try to remove it immediately. Instead, proceed on completing the rest of your makeup and come back to the smudged mascara once it is dry. It should take a minute or so depending on the type of mascara you use. Then, use a brand new mascara spooly and brush off the smudged area. When you wait until the mascara is dried, the product sits on top of your skin and you don’t end up making a bigger mess and then have to start your eye makeup all over again. (Who has time for that?!)

I hope the following tips shared here today will help solve some of your daily makeup frustrations. We want you to enjoy the process of daily beautification from the inside out!



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