5 easy ways to highlight your eyes

Our Shimmer Eye Pencil makes it so easy to brighten your eyes and we will share with you our 5 favourite ways here!

1) Brighten the inner corner of the eyes. This can be as simple as sweeping your pencil a few times over the inner corner of each eye. You will see the difference this makes immediately. This is also a trick to make eyes look more wide set.

2) Highlight the brow bone. This makes the eyes appear wider and gives a lifted look to the whole eye area. It also makes you appear more youthful and awake. It’s a great compliment to your morning coffee or tea.

3) Line the eyes first with either White or Gold Shimmer. The easiest way to apply the Shimmer Eye Pencil onto your lid is to draw the product on your fingers and then pat it on your lid, then apply liquid eyeliner as usual. The contrast between light and dark creates an amazing look that will have people asking how you did your eye makeup!

4) Add some Shimmer highlights to the outer corner of the eye. This will brighten the entire eye area and also works to help make wide-set eyes look more balanced.

5) Line the Waterline with the white side of the Shimmer Eye Pencil. This makes the eyes appear larger and more luminous.

These are just a few tips for the eye area. You can also use the Shimmer Eye Pencil on the cheekbones, side of the nose and the cupid’s bow of the mouth. The possibilities are endless. Have fun creating your favourite looks to express your inner & outer radiance.



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