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eye pencil makeup amaterasu beauty

Our vegan Eye Pencils are the perfect tool to line your eyes with precision and ease. With 5 shades to choose from, there is something for everyone!


Our Black Eye Pencil is perfect for darker coloured eyes, a more dramatic evening look, or for creating a classic cat eye.


Nutmeg is a more subtle shade that adds incredible definition to all eye colours, and especially to green, blue and light brown eyes. This colour simultaneously brightens and defines, and is amazing for an every day eye makeup look.


Sage is a lovely muted shade of green that can enhance every eye and add a bit of colour for a fun and bright impact.


Our Plum Eye Pencil has less red than other conventional purple shades available in the industry. This means it will not draw attention to any unwanted redness in the eye area but rather it will complement and enhance your natural eye colour.


Lastly, our Royal shade is a beautiful rich blue that is fun for a dramatic change or can be used in conjunction with any of our other pencils. Our Royal is a blend of the classic navy and electric blue. 


One of our favourite looks is to use different colours on the top and bottom lid and the waterline. For example, use Royal on the top lid, Sage on the bottom and Nutmeg on the waterline. Or Black on the top, Plum on the bottom lid and Sage on the water line. The possibilities are endless!

 eye makeup pencil amaterasu beauty shades


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