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Check out these fun and easy tips to make your eyes look large and luminous!

 eye makeup sage pencil amaterasu beauty


  • Line underneath your eyes with Sage Eye Pencil. Using a lighter or neutral coloured pencil underneath the eyes can create the illusion of a rounder and more open Eye. Our Sage Pencil is the perfect shade for all eye colours that will create a subtle brightness and definition that will bless you with big, beautiful eyes.

 eye makeup nutmeg pencil amaterasu beauty

  • Create a Doe Eye Look with Nutmeg Eye Pencil. Again, here we are working with a more neutral and lighter colour to define and create expansion in the eye area. We often habitually reach for dark coloured eyeliner like black, however, we urge you to try some lighter shades and see how it looks! You might be surprised how beautiful your eyes will look when you choose lighter shades, especially for a daytime look.


eye makeup black pencil amaterasu beauty

  • Line the Waterline with our Black Eye Pencil to create a very sultry and smouldering look. This look is perfect for a night out on the town or whenever you want a bold and dramatic eye that will be strongly outlined and defined. The waterline is the inside eyelid on the bottom of your eyes.


eye makeup shimmer plum pencil amaterasu beauty

  • Combine the Shimmer & Plum Eye Pencil for an amazingly unique and wide-eyed look. Our Plum Pencil contains cool tones that will brighten and enhance all eye colours. Combined with our Shimmer Eye Pencil, which adds both silver and gold sheen, you can make your eyes look wider and brighter by adding subtle highlights at the corner of the eye and brow bone.


eye makeup royal pencil amaterasu beauty

  • Give the Royal Cat Eye a try! We love the classic Cat Eye look, and to use the Royal Eye Pencil will add some subtle to your look that will make your eyes look bright and beautiful. Our Royal shade will make the whites of your eyes appear whiter, therefore making your eyes appear bigger. The cat eye look when done properly will also help to make your eyes appear enlarged, not to mention you will get a lot of people asking you why your eye makeup looks so amazing!

Those are a few of our favourite tips, please give them a try and let us know how they work for you!


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