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Why raising the bar in our quality is important Amaterasu Beauty Clean Conscious Living Eye Makeup

I started taking a keen interest in alternative health in my late teens. My weekly routine consisted of experimenting with nutritious, organic cooking and reading health magazines such as Alive Magazine. Fast forward a few years, I found myself immersed in more complex related topics and fell in love with ‘The Food Revolution’ by John Robbins. 
Aside from eating mainly (85%+) organic, non-GMO food, I also use clean products around the house. Occasionally, I will indulge in non farm-to-table meals when I eat out. The goal has always been to live as green as possible, however choosing products that are also high performance and do the job they need to do.
The same philosophy was used in the creation of Amaterasu makeup. I want to make life simpler for everyone by offering makeup that is easy to use, smudge-proof and most importantly: as clean as possible. Much time and effort has gone into making this line as green as possible without compromising its performance.
This is our 10th year in business and wow; it has been quite the journey! My commitment to myself and you is always about raising the bar. I keep asking what I can do to make our collection even better each time I work with our labs. I think often about ways I may be able to improve or add to our existing products that might make life a little bit easier for you. 
As a person, I am always committed to my own growth and evolution. The same applies to this brand, we too are always learning and improving as we grow. When I deepen my studies on a personal level through inner work, it naturally also expands me as a person. I am always thinking about how to serve you better and deliver top notch products to you.
I thank you for your continued support and I hope to see you grow too as a mother, sister and friend.
To your fabulous, most exalted self, Sara.
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