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Why Clean Makeup is important for this cheer team mom in Vancouver Canada Amaterasu Beauty

Do you ever think about the ingredients that go into your makeup? Absolute Cheer mom Kristine Wong has and only uses makeup with clean ingredients, like Amaterasu Beauty, for her daughter’s cheer competitions.

Recently, we got the chance ask Kristine a few questions, so keep reading if you would like to learn more about Absolute Cheer and the importance of clean makeup.

What is Absolute Cheer?

KristineAbsolute Cheer & Tumbling is the North Shores premier training facility offering athletes a variety of programs ranging from recreational to competitive cheer. AC is dedicated to their sport and promotes a safe, healthy and active lifestyle for athletes of all ages.

What kind of things has your daughter learned from Absolute Cheer?

Kristine: Cheer is more than just a sport for Jayda, she considers it her second family! She absolutely adores her teammates and refers to them as her AC Family. Being part of a team at AC has taught Jayda to have compassion, place trust in her peers, be dedicated and unselfish as working together cohesively is a vital part to their successes. Coach Sonja sums it up perfectly, “Success in not measured by yours wins rather by the bonds you've made with your teammates.

Why do you choose Amaterasu products for cheer competitions?

Kristine: I was first introduced to Amaterasu a few years back at Vancouver Fashion Week. I instantly fell in love with the products! Therefore, when it came time for Jayda to glam up for cheer competitions it was an easy choice. Especially, since itʼs crafted with safe and clean ingredients and is smudge proof which is a necessity when performing.

Why do you think itʼs important for people, especially young girls, to start using makeup with clean ingredients?

Kristine: I feel it is so important for young people to educate and learn about the products and ingredients they select for makeup choices. It could have severe impacts on your long term health. Just like the foods we eat, the chemicals we place on our skin are being absorbed into our bodies. It is essential to use clean products to keep our bodies free of harmful toxins, affecting hormones, reducing skin irritations such as make up acne and preventing cancers. Knowledge is Power!

What does Empowering Beauty Everywhere mean to you?

Kristine: Nurture oneself, carry self confidence, be yourself and shine from within to inspire and spread compassion, self love and happiness to those around you! Stay true to you.

We hope you enjoyed reading our interview and that you got to learn a bit about Absolute Cheer! Thanks to Kristine for speaking with us and also reminding us that we should always stay true to ourselves.

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