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Goddess Andrea Neil four times FIFA Soccer Player Coach poses for Amaterasu Beauty

During our recent Goddess Headshot photoshoot we were able to catch up with 4x FIFA Women’s World Cup soccer player and coach, Andrea Neil.

As our next Goddess of the Week, keep reading to find out more about what Andrea has been up to since we last interviewed her. We really admire and respect her perspectives and are always learning more from her.

Sara: We know you have recently created a new project and website, could you tell us a bit more about what it is about?

Andrea: So, within the soccer coaching industry I work with a company, Dasovic-Neil Coaching, but I realized that my heart was very much gravitating more towards the philosophical backgrounds of what coaching is and what sport can be, as well as the transference of many of these principles that we practice over the course of many decades as people and how they can transfer over into other aspects of life.

So this takes a mentorship and coaching aspect, rather than being about the technical aspect of the sport and is more about the philosophy within life.

It can involve coaching coaches, it can be about working with individual athletes, it can be about players and it can be, on some level, about working with corporate or administration because this can apply to many different folds of people.

Sara: How long has this been in a work in progress?

Andrea: The concepts are ever evolving because we are ever evolving as people. The website will explain certain aspects, but most of what I’m trying to convey is trying to speak authentically from my heart, as much as possible.

So, as the content unfolds for things like social media and the website, this will evolve, but the concept itself and the philosophy of what to speak about has been ongoing for years, decades, in trying to transform and derive what is the meaning and purpose of what we do.

Sara: How far are you into the process of the website?

Andrea: Well it’s not launched, as of yet, but it’s just in the process of working more on the compass points and speaking points.

I want to be clear, to be sure, with what I am saying because I’ve been given opportunities to speak to others, but you also want to make sure that there’s a message there that can be used, and used in a very positive way.

Sara: What do you hope to achieve with this?

Andrea: I think it’s about awareness, for people to look at themselves and look within. and for all of us to do that and to realize that we are impacting other people and how are we are impacting other people.

We can look at and question the leadership qualities that we have, and we bring, as we attempt to show the way, but really which path are we attempting to lead a person down?

So I’d like for it to achieve awareness and allow us to ask more questions to ourselves to hopefully unfurl ourselves into becoming more impactful, effective and positive leaders.

Sara: Does the awareness to becoming better leaders apply to more than just sports?

Andrea: This is beyond the world of sport. This can involve the person that you have the opportunity to help across the street, that you normally don’t see because we’re not paying attention and the level of impact that that action can have on another human being.

So, it can be about a sport, but this can also be about how we interact with each other within a corporation or even within our day-to-day lives.

We hope you enjoyed learning about what Andrea has been up to, just as much as we did. Like Andrea said, if we can achieve more awareness, we can all strive to be more, impactful, effective and positive leaders even in our day-to-day lives.
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