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How to practice self love and to cultivate personal growth Amaterasu Beauty spirituality meditation

“Self love” is a buzzword everywhere these days. We are definitely on board with this concept and believe in making it an essential part of our regular routine.

For so long, whenever we heard “love” being spoken, most people would think about a romantic relationship between two people. However, more and more we are beginning to deeply understand that love truly begins from within and the way we feel about ourselves.

So many people say that they don’t have time for themselves, but in fact, we must make time for ourselves, create space for ourselves, and honour our mind and body.

If you’re asking yourself “Why do I only rest when I am sick?” We say, please don’t wait until you are unwell to take the time to rest. If your body is tired, do your best to relax, maybe have a nap or go to bed early.

Amaterasu Founder and Creator Sara Au Yeong says, “A lot of people talk about Valentine’s Day as a marketing ploy, but I think of it as a day to spoil myself. Your happiness doesn’t have to depend on your partner or someone else; if you really want something, go out and get it for yourself!”

Consider this your friendly reminder that you don’t need someone else to celebrate Valentine’s Day, shower you with gifts, or even take you out for a date. You can do all of those things for yourself and it can be incredibly fun and liberating.

The truth of the matter is that even if you are single, attached or somewhere in between, it is possible for us all to experience great love in our daily life.

Wishing everyone an amazing Valentine’s Day full of love for yourself and the world.

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