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 How to highlight with this Shimmer Eye Pencil Amaterasu Beauty

Amaterasu Beauty Creator Sara Au Yeong has always loved a subtle highlight. For her, intense glitters and super high shine products always made her look like she had greasy skin.

She’s always wanted something softer to highlight her natural features, something that would help lift and brighten her face.

While on a plane to Japan for her cousin’s Shinto-style wedding, Sara wished that she had this perfect highlighter; she was tired from the plane ride and needed a quick pick-me-up. Instead of just wishing, Sara started noting down her idea of the perfect shimmer pencil.

There would have to be a yellow gold shimmer, one that was an icy-yellow gold and not a warm-yellow gold. There would also have to be a white shimmer, one that would be more of a pristine white, not a silvery-white.

All of this mattered because the wrong shade could give very different results.

It also needed to be easy to apply - the less fuss, the better - because life can get busy and sometimes you don’t have a lot of time to do your makeup.

And Sara did it!

Our dual-sided Shimmer Eye Pencil is the ideal natural-looking highlight for everyone that includes the perfect white and yellow shimmer. 

In a recent tutorial, Sara takes you through all the areas of the face where you can apply Shimmer Eye Pencil.


Watch how to highlight with a Shimmer eye pencil


What are the best areas on the face to highlight:

Along the inner corner of your eyes. 

Apply your chosen shade of Shimmer Eye Pencil starting from the inner corner of your eye and glide it out just a bit along your lower lash line. 
Under your brow bone
Glide a few strokes under your brow bone and gently blend it by running your finger over the highlighted area.
On your cupid's bow
Draw a few strokes of Shimmer Eye Pencil above your cupid’s bow, which is the middle area of your top lip where it meets at a point, and blend it with your finger.
On the tip of your nose
Draw a few more strokes on the tip of your nose and gently blend the area with your finger.

 Why should I use a shimmer eye pencil?

Use our Shimmer Eye Pencil to enhance your daytime or evening look in less than a minute!


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