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What every guy needs to know about brows and brow makeup Amaterasu Beauty
Today’s modern man understands the importance of great looking eyebrows, but if you weren’t genetically blessed with fantastically flawless brows, don't fear – Amaterasu is here. Our Liquid Brow Liner for men will help you shape, fill, and define those arches, keeping you looking perfectly groomed.

We all want to look our best and brows that wow are just part of the package. But how do you get them if yours are less than stellar? More and more men are turning to cosmetics for killer eyebrows. For many guys, however, the art of mastering better brows can seem like a daunting task. With the help of the right product, you too can sport a pair of bold, bountiful brows.

How to Get Great Eyebrows

Want to enhance the colour and texture of your eyebrows? Liquid Brow Liner is a super easy and super fast solution, allowing you to fine tune those brows like a pro. To help you make short work of your manscaping makeup routine, we have put together some handy tips to get smooth, well-defined brows in a blink of an eye.

Clean your brows. 
For the best results, make sure your brows are clean. Before you apply the Liquid Brow Liner, wash your eyebrows, making sure to remove any oil around the eyes. When you are done, blot your brows dry with a towel.

Fill them in. 
After you have cleaned your eyebrows, it is time to fill them in. Make short, thin strokes, starting from the bridge of your nose and working your way to the side of your face. Continue to move the applicator along the natural shape of the brow to fill in sparse or uneven brows.

Up the bold factor.
Who doesn’t want that charming and smouldering look that only a pair of bold brows can deliver? For strong, dark, and thicker looking eyebrows, re-apply the Liquid Brow Liner until you reach the perfect shade.

Looking to raise eyebrows for all the right reasons? Listen up fellas – achieving brow perfection is simpler than you think. When you're using our Liquid Brow Liner for men and following the above advice, having well-defined, attention-grabbing brows has never been easier. Why settle for thin, skimpy brows if you don’t have to? With Amaterasu’s Liquid Brow Liner, great looking eyebrows are a brush stroke away. 

Available in a host of colours, our waterproof and easy-to-apply formula will brilliantly frame your face and give you terrific definition all day long.

For stunning, natural-looking eyebrows that will get you noticed, reach out to Amaterasu.
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