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Sara Au Yeong has tried it all when it comes to makeup brushes, so when she was creating Amaterasu Beauty there was going to be a face brush.

You may already know that our vegan Kabuki Brush is perfect for loose or pressed powders and bronzers, but did you know it also works amazingly with cream blushes?

Cream blushes can be tricky. If you’re not using the right tool, your blush may not blend as well, or the brush won’t pick up enough product, or it might pick up too much product (and you’ll end up spending longer trying to blend it out). 

Our Kabuki Brush is made with densely-packed, super soft, synthetic fibres that will pick up the perfect amount of blush and will blend seamlessly for a flawless application, in seconds.



Here’s how you do it:

Swirl your Kabuki Brush a few times onto your blush, just until you can see the tint of the colour on the brush.

Apply it to your cheeks and blend in a circular motion with a light amount of pressure until you reach your desired look.

And that’s it! Your blush is done in seconds!


Applying your cream blush with the right tool can make all the difference and save you precious time. We know you might not have hours to spend on your makeup, so all of our products are long-lasting and designed to save you time, whether it’s with applying your blush, filling in your brows, or even highlighting.

Watch Sara’s full tutorial on how to use our Kabuki Brush to apply your cream blush and see exactly how simple and easy it is to use. 

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