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Brown is the new Black in Makeup this season! Using makeup in shades of brown is a great way to bring a subtle yet strong look year round.

Many of us naturally gravitate towards black liners, because it seems normal to us or it is what we have been taught. Black liners can be great for certain eye colours, skin tones and for a dramatic evening look, however using a brown eyeliner instead might pleasantly surprise you.

The colour brown is dark enough to be dramatic while also looking more natural and subtly highlighting and defining your eyes. When once asked her beauty secret, Audrey Hepburn replied “eye makeup in brown.” She went on to say that most women use makeup that is too dark for them and that a more natural brown shade was the best way to go for most looks.

Our Espresso Liquid Liner is an all time favourite for both every day use and special events. The rich dark brown colour will add perfect definition to all eye colours without looking too harsh. It is a must-have for many of the top wedding makeup artists who love this shade to create the most natural look for brides.

The Nutmeg Eye Pencil is also a great choice for everyone, because unlike the typical warm brown shade in the marketplace which can make your eyes look tired, Nutmeg is a cool brown. The looks you can achieve with this pencil might surprise you! It will highlight and line your eyes with a vivid definition that is not as obvious as the look a black pencil creates. It is suitable for all eye colours and makes a great daytime look that will make your eyes pop.

Having perfectly defined brows is a must, and we are advocates of working with shades that match the hair, skin and eye colour. Some people like to draw on really dark brows that almost look black, but we prefer a more natural look. Our Light Hair Brow Liner is best for blondes and light brunettes, our Cocoa Brow Liner is for medium brown hair, and our Brunette Brow Liner is the darkest shade we carry, for those with darker hair and skin.

Don’t be afraid to put the black liner away just for the summer months and experiment with some of the beautiful shades of browns we have mentioned here! You will love the natural yet bold looks you can achieve using these new shades of brown. Let your natural beauty shine through!



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