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eye makeup brow liner amaterasu beauty

eye makeup amaterasu beauty brow liner

Why did we decide to create a Brow Liner instead of a Brow Pencil?

As a makeup artist, I have used countless types of brow makeup. There are lots of options: Brow Wax, Brow Pencils, Tinted Brow Gel and Brow Powders. The reason I ended up creating something out of the ordinary is because I was never in love with what was available on the market.

Brow makeup should look natural and yet, it should last all day long. I love products that perform well under all conditions - whether it be at the gym or just to get through a long day of being the superwoman most of us are today.


eye makeup brow liner amaterasu beauty

Brow Pencils tend to look too waxy and unnatural to me. It is also not as easy to blend without looking bumpy on the brows. Brow Wax looks much too intense and always feels like it is clogging my pores. Brow Powder just does not last, which does not work for me with my busy schedule. Brow Gel offers a bit of tint to your brow hair but does not cover up sparse areas very well. So basically, in order for me to get perfect brows the way I like them I would have to use several products together - and who has time for that?

Our Liquid Brow Liner goes on sheer and you can layer to create a more intense look should you wish to do so. It is water-based so it never appears greasy. For those who are just looking to cover up sparse areas on your brows, this is a quick and super effective way. In fact, many of my Professional Brow Technicians recommend it to their male clients.

Another reason for my creating a Brow Liner is because Brow Pencils, Wax and Powders are not long-lasting. If you happen to try putting on a tight top, like a turtleneck, with one of these products applied to enhance your brows, there is a high chance you will wipe off your brow makeup and end-up having to re-apply.


eye makeup brow set trio amaterasu beauty

This is why the Amaterasu Liquid Brow Liner is a smudge-proof formula and truly wears all day long. I love how my hairstylist points this out every time after she brushes off hair from my face with a towel. She says she never has to worry about wiping off my brows. And this to me, is everything!
Like I always say: We have enough to worry about in life, make-up should not be one of them!


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