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amaterasu beauty eye makeup cruelty free

What we put in and on to our body makes a huge difference for our health and well being. Many of us lead a very healthy lifestyle by practicing yoga, eating right and meditating on a regular basis however, our choice of beauty products are sometimes overlooked. 

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Personally, I am very sensitive to chemicals. I used to react severely to many skincare and cosmetic products. Due to my reactions, I learned to read ingredients in my teenage years. I still recall calling up my dermatologist time and time again and as soon as they heard my name, no matter how booked up he was that day, I would get in for an appointment. I was that patient the doctor would make exceptions for to see right away, as I could get terrible rashes or hives just from using a new moisturizer or facial mask.

The more I learned about ingredients, the more difficult I found it to understand how companies could overlook how harmful certain ingredients could be. I understand that businesses seek to make a profit, but at what cost?

There are so many ingredients out there that are known to be hormone disrupters or can cause itchy eyes and awful skin reactions, like those that I experienced in my youth. Yet, formulators continue to use these toxic ingredients because it is economical and hence will yield a higher profit.  

At Amaterasu, we believe in integrity and having a conscience. This is very important to me. When people ask, 'Is your brand all natural or organic?' the answer is no.

Read about the vegan makeup development process

Amaterasu products are however, clean and free of harsh chemicals such as parabens and phthalate. I wanted to build a brand that would perform like a professional line while doing my best to strip down all the pesky ingredients that would likely cause reactions or health concerns. I want my customers, even the most sensitive ones, to be able to wear makeup that lasts all day without having to worry about their skin or eyes reacting to the products.

We also receive countless inquiries from both new and existing customers wondering if we test on animals. One of the most common questions in relation to this, is whether Amaterasu sells in China.

Amaterasu is proudly clean and we do not have immediate plans to sell in China due to their current animal testing regulations. However, should their policy change in the future we would certainly re-visit this and hope that they soon adopt more ethical policies for their beauty products. 

We do ship to Hong Kong. The short of it is that brands are able to sell in Hong Kong and remain cruelty-free!

While Hong Kong is technically a part of China, Hong Kong does not have the same testing laws as mainland China. Mainland China currently requires animal testing on the large majority of cosmetic and beauty products, and for this reason, we choose not to sell our products there.

View the most popular Amaterasu makeup products like:

Our best selling 24 hour liquid eyeliner, the highly reviewed best liquid eyeliner on the market, non-smudge eye pencils and vegan makeup.  Our sweatproof eyebrow line are developed from a liquid eyebrow liner that is effective for filling in eyebrows or creating a dramatic look.   

Our flake proof Mascara are not only a smudge proof mascara, reviews continue to show that this is one of the best waterproof mascara on the market.  This lengthening mascara and volume mascara is designed to help women everywhere feel more confident.

The Japanese kabuki brush is a vegan makeup brush and used as a vegan kabuki brush.  It is a custom made soft kabuki brush that you can instantly feel the softness on your face. 

Contact Amaterasu for more details on these specially designed makeup products. 



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  • Amaterasu Beauty

    Hi Linda-Mae,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us your feedback. We are so happy to hear the reaction of your daughters upon receiving their Amaterasu makeup.

    You can visit the EWG’s Skin Deep website to see how each of our ingredients rank: very low on the hazardous scale. It is really important to our team that we do our best to formulate with the safest ingredients, without compromising performance.

    Please read more about clean makeup and how we do it here:

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