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eye makeup amaterasu beauty massive length mascara

Good news for everyone who has been asking (actually begging) us over the past few months… our Lengthening Mascara is available again!

What sets this mascara apart from our other ones, and the majority of mascaras in general, is its extraordinary curling action. This is one of the best waterproof mascara products on the market. The proof is in our product reviews.  It will help you create the perfect curl in your lashes that will last all day long. It can be used alone or as the finishing touch as one last coat on top of a few of our Silk Mascara or Volume Mascara.

eye makeup amaterasu beauty massive length mascara

This mascara is not for everyone though: it is best for those whose lashes are stick straight, short-medium length and thickness. If your lashes are very fine, The Silk Mascara might be the best choice for you as it is super lightweight. The curling mascara is best for those with naturally medium to full lashes. We always like to educate our customers about how to choose the best mascara based on their natural lash type.

If you want people to ask you “Where did you get your lashes done?” try our smudge proof Mascara. It will give you amazing length, curl, and thickness that will look perfect all day and night. If you want to make a bold statement, don’t just go big, go Massive!

PS. If you have been wondering, HOW TO GET SUPER LONG LASHES WITHOUT EXTENSIONS?  You are in the right place. The Amaterasu Beauty Mascara can help you. Learn more about the best mascara on the market now! 


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