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how to get fluffy brows amaterasu

Fluffy or Feathered Brows brings a slightly boyish yet fresh approach to Brow makeup. The key is to have the right tools. Here is what you are going to need to achieve the fluffiest brows!


* High quality, good slant tweezers

* A clean mascara wand

* Wax free brow makeup like our Liquid Brow Liner

* Clear brow gel (optional)


        It is important not to trim down the hair of the brows closest to your nose bridge as the brow hair on both sides of this area is the focal point.



        1)    Start off with a fresh, clean face, wash off any oil, in particular around the brow area

        2)    Pat skin dry

        3)    Moisturize as needed

        4)    Start off by tweezing off any stray hair on or around the brow arch.

        5)    Comb the brow hair upwards with a clean mascara wand. We are only focusing on the brows closest to the nose bridge.

        6)    Finish off by literally feathering the brow with a wax free brow liner. The Amaterasu Liquid Brow Liner works perfectly as it goes on sheer and dries quickly upon application giving you full control.

        7)    Tip: do not fill the brow in too solidly. You want to have some sparse areas to give it a natural, androgynous look.

        8)    Finish off with a clear brow gel especially if you have thicker brow hair in order to control the direction of your brows. Finer brow hair usually will not require brow gel.


        Voila, it is that simple!


        Enjoy those fluffy brows.




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