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Our latest featured artist is the lovely Lindsay MacLean. Not only is she an amazing makeup artist, she is a wonderful person who is so sweet and kind. We will be featuring Lindsay’s work on our website from September to December 2017. For this project, I wanted a very classy and fun flapper look with a modern twist. The models exude sophistication and confidence with alluring features that make them true classic beauties.

Please read on to learn more about Lindsay!



Artist Name: Lindsay MacLean



Sara: Where did you grow up and where are you located now? Current workplace?

Lindsay: I grew up in Langley, BC, and have now been living in Vancouver for 8 years. I am the owner and lead stylist at Lindsay MacLean Makeup, and am a boudoir photographer and makeup/hair artist at Lux Portraiture.

 modern flapper makeup amaterasu beauty

Sara: Tell us what inspired you to be a makeup artist?

Lindsay: Film and TV! I grew up trying to dissect the special effects and prosthetics makeups of all the shows I watched. I knew that one day I had to be a part of that industry. There’s something about playing dress-up every day that was and still is very appealing.


Sara: What are some of your favourite makeup looks?

Lindsay: I really enjoy anything inspired by the 1920s and the 1960s. I find the sleepy, doe-eyed look of the ‘20s very alluring, and the outrageous colours and Twiggy-inspired liner and lashes of the ‘60s are always fun to re-create.

modern flapper makeup amaterasu beauty 

Sara: Do you have a signature makeup style and if so, what is it?

Lindsay: Working at a boudoir studio, I feel I’ve perfected the smoky, sultry eye. My go-to style is always perfect, flawless skin, dewy highlights, fluffy lashes and a dramatic eye framed by full brows.


Sara: Please share with us your experience of this photo shoot.

Lindsay: This was so much fun! I really enjoyed the theme of the “Modern Flapper.” I married my favourite features of classic 1920s makeup with the refined beauty of the modern day. Everyone who worked on this project did an amazing job: the models perfectly captured the mood we were trying to convey, our hairstylist created beautiful looks inspired by that time, and I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful outcome, thanks to our photographer.


Sara: What are some of your favourite Amaterasu products?

Lindsay: The 24 Hour Liquid Liner. I will never use another eyeliner as long as I live. It’s long-lasting, waterproof, and deeply pigmented. The brow liners make a close second.


Sara: If you could give a person one piece of beauty advice, what would it be?

Lindsay: Instead of trying to emulate other faces, enhance your own personal beauty. I am a firm believer that every face has its own unique and beautiful features, so instead of trying to achieve an unrecognizable transformation, aim for the most beautiful version of yourself and create something special that only you can offer.

 modern flapper makeup amaterasu beauty


Sara: What does empowering beauty everywhere mean to you?

Lindsay: Empowering beauty everywhere to me means casting away the social norm of what is deemed to be “beautiful,” and embracing beauty from within and letting it radiate from the inside out. Nobody gets to decide if you are or are not beautiful, everyone has something special about themselves, and owning your own personal style and beauty is a truly empowering experience.


Thanks Lindsay for your wise words!


To view all of Lindsay's beautiful work, please visit her website here.



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