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plum blossom amaterasu beauty meaning

Did you know we chose the Plum Blossom for our logo because of its many incredible attributes and amazing cultural history? This flower blooms in the winter, as one of nature's messengers to announce that spring will be coming soon. This reminds people that warmer weather and regeneration of life is near and symbolizes endurance through hardship.

To blossom in the middle of winter is so rare, which is why this flower is celebrated as a symbol of hope, thriving in the midst of adverse conditions. The sweet fragrance of the plum blossom comes from bitterness and coldness. The flower usually has 5 petals, which symbolize the 5 blessings of longevity, prosperity, health, virtue and good living.


Plum Blossom Japanese Eye Makeup Amaterasu Beauty

There is a 3000-year history of plums in Asia, and the blossom has been noted for 2000 years. In the 5th century, princesses and court women used plum blossom for decoration, increasing its popularity and establishing it as a regal flower. Since the Tang Dynasty the flower was an important subject in poems and art, and reached a peak in popularity during the Song Dynasty.

Plum is the national flower of Taiwan and is well documented and celebrated in both Japan and China. Plums have 4 virtues, all of which embody the characteristics of Heaven. Plum Blossoms are also said to ward off evil spirits and negativity. They are a symbol of resilience, reminding us that beautiful things can bloom and thrive even in the most challenging of circumstances.

We are proud to have this lovely flower blessing on each Amaterasu Beauty product, we hope that it will remind you of your innate inner strength, peace, and beauty. Our commitment to you is to deliver beautiful and functional makeup with a high level of integrity and we even named one of our Eye Pencils "Plum" in honour of the beautiful Plum Blossom.


We wish you beauty and strength!


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