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In this video I will be sharing tips and techniques on how to apply our 24-hour Eye Pencil. This is our 5th year of selling this highly sought after Eye Pencil and we're confident in saying that there's nothing comparable out there. 

What is the best eyeliner that can stay on all day? 

I love seeing how our Eye Pencil fans order a few units at a time. It is a huge compliment. We have countless love notes coming in from people with really oily or hooded eyelids who previously struggled with keeping their eye makeup on throughout the day. I personally had the same issues with other eye pencil brands smearing all over my lids. It’s even more frustrating when those other brands claim that their product is smudge proof. 

As you can see in this video, my criteria is simple. I wanted a pencil that will not smudge throughout the day, applies easily, and is highly pigmented, so both my clients and myself will never have to check if our pencil smudged on us throughout the day.

How to Apply Eye Pencil Makeup?  

  1. Be sure your lids are powdered or blotted, as this makes a world of difference during application. 
  2. Glide the pencil on your hand just to slightly warm it up. 
  3. Apply the pencil on your lash line. Lift your lash line just ever slightly to fill in any gaps. This is the tight lining technique and it will create an illusion of fuller lashes. 
  4. As for the bottom lash line, when you line it lightly it creates a very sultry and mysterious look. You can intensify the line if you're going out, but I suggest going heavier on the outer part of your lower lash line and softening the line as you go inwards. 

It applies smoothly without tugging and delivers perfect, opaque lines every time. This exclusive, highly pigmented vegan formula is smudge-proof and waterproof, as well. No sharpener is needed, as this product has been designed with a twisting mechanism to help you achieve perfect control and precision in each application. 

Like all Amaterasu Eye Makeup, our Eye Pencil is waterproof and smudge-proof so you can keep your focus on looking sultry and beautiful all day long.

What colours does Amaterasu makeup eye pencils come in? 

Available in 5 beautiful, timeless shades for all eye colours:

  • Black is your everyday staple. It is also great for creating dramatic, smoky eyes.
  • Nutmeg is a soft neutral brown shade that provides an instant ‘pick-me-up.’ It’s the ultimate brown pencil that works beautifully with all eye colours.
  • Plum is the ultimate shade to beautify the eyes. Amaterasu’s classic Plum has minimal red tones, which means it compliments all eye colours  especially blue, green or brown eyes.
  • Royal is the perfect blend of navy and electric blue. It is a lovely way to help the whites of the eyes appear brighter. Recommended for all eye colours.
  • Sage is a muted moss green, which subtly brightens the eyes without looking too made up. Wear this along the lower lash line to achieve a soft, smouldering look.

If you haven't found a pencil that is truly smudge-proof, do check out the Amaterasu Eye Pencil. It will not disappoint. 

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Contact Amaterasu for more details on these specially designed makeup products. 




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