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Spring cleaning to me means getting rid of old makeup or skincare I am no longer using. We tend to forget about those old jars or tubes. Somehow, if it had an expiration date on it, it made me feel less guilty about emptying out the contents and recycling the containers.

What to look for in your eye makeup for seasonal allergies or hay fever?

As a previous makeup buyer for various companies, I received a lot of makeup and skincare to sample. As a product creator, I also get shipped many samples from labs. In the end, I always go back to my favourite true and tested #cleanbeauty collection because I just don’t believe in using 10-12 makeup items to get ready. 

I love no fuss, non-smudging daily makeup. When I created Amaterasu, my top criteria was to make sure the entire line would be truly smudgeproof. It was also very important to me that I did not react to it, as I have very sensitive skin. 

When the dreaded yearly hay fever strikes, I know I won’t have raccoon eyes with Amaterasu eye makeup. All our Eye Pencil, Mascaras and Liquid eyeliners are truly smudgeproof so if you accidentally rub your eyes, you know your makeup will be fine.

What makeup is good for allergies? 

If you are like me, hay fever is no fun. You are dealing with itchy eyes, a runny nose and occasional teary eyes too. During this season, there’s no chance you can try not to sneeze while applying your mascara. If this happens, instead of wiping off the smeared mascara right away wait till it is dry then try to flake it off with a clean dry cotton wash cloth. This way, you won't end up rubbing off your concealer or foundation.

One thing I wish you don’t have to worry about is further irritation during this heightened allergy season. Instead, I hope you can enjoy the beautiful seasonal blooms.

View the most popular Amaterasu makeup products like:

Our best selling 24 hour liquid eyeliner, the highly reviewed best liquid eyeliner on the market, non-smudge eye pencils, and vegan volume mascara.  Our sweatproof brow liner are developed from a liquid eyebrow liner that is effective for filling in eyebrows or creating a dramatic look.  

Our flake proof Mascaras are not only a smudge proof mascara, it is a waterproof mascara also.  This lengthening mascara is designed to help women everywhere feel more confident.

The Japanese kabuki brush is a vegan kabuki brush.  It is a custom made soft kabuki brush that you can instantly feel the softness on your face. Contact Amaterasu for more details on these specially designed makeup products.

Stay Happy & Healthy!


Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău

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