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Liquid Brow Liner Amaterasu

The topic of eyebrows can seem a bit daunting at times. With different brow looks going in and out of style, and so many options to choose from as far as products go, it can be easy to get confused.

We created our Liquid Brow Liner to make it super easy for everyone to have perfect brows. If you have ever tried an eyebrow pencil or wax in the past, you may have found that they can be challenging to apply and that the amount of product that is applied is difficult to control. Also, like all of our products, the Liquid Brow Liner is water-proof and smudge-proof, so you never have to worry about it smearing off in hot weather, work-outs or even while swimming.

Our Amaterasu Brow Liner has a unique and exclusive microfibre tip, as well as a sophisticated formula that allows you to fill in your brows in layers. The first coat will be light and sheer, and subsequent coats will produce a darker and more opaque look. This allows full control in applying the way you want your brows to look. It also means you can create different brows to go with different looks, rather than always having to go with the same type of brows each day.

We have 4 shades of Liquid Brow Liner for every skin tone and hair type.

1: Our Light Hair Brow Liner is perfect for all spectrum of blondes, light brown hair and redheads. This shade helps to create a natural complement to light hair and skinned beauties.

2: Chestnut is a lovely reddish-brown tone. This one is great for auburn and reddish-brown hair, as well as blondes that prefer a warmer shade.

3: Cocoa is a lovely rich brown; good for light brown to warm, dark brown hair.

4: Brunette is our darkest shade, perfect for darker brown and black hair. Great for those who like cool dark brown brows, with no reddish hues.

Our Amaterasu Liquid Brow Liner makes it easy for you to create perfect brows in just a few strokes. Once you perfect your eyebrow look, you will see what a difference great brows make. Put your best brows forward every day!


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