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Liquid Brow Liner Amaterasu

Achieving the ultimate eyebrows has never been easier, thanks to our Liquid Brow Liner. Some people are intimidated by liquid liners because they imagine them to be too intricate, finicky or challenging to apply. Yet, this could not be further from the truth with our Amaterasu Liquid Brow Liner.

In the past, the only products available to shape and define eyebrows were either waxes, powders or pencils. Each of these product types has some challenges that arise when using them that can make things (literally) quite messy.

Sara created the Liquid Brow Liner to make it easy to have perfect brows. The unique, micro-fibre tip allows for effortless application, and because it is designed to go on in layers, you have full control over how sheer or opaque you want your brows to look.

With this product, the first layers are sheer, and with every coat you apply the look becomes more bold. So it is very easy to gently fill in your brows and work your way up to a more intense look if that is what you desire.

The next best part is: our smudge-proof, water-proof formula will not budge. All day long. Even if you cry, workout, rub your face, get a massage - you name it, your brows will stay in place!

The fashion of different brow looks change with each year and season, and our Liquid Brow Liner can accommodate every look. Again, because of the layering power of this brow pen, you can work up to a very strong and bold brow, or stick with something more natural depending on your mood or the occasion.

Moral of the story: our Liquid Brow Liner will certainly make your eyebrow routine way easier once you get the hang of using it. Don’t be intimidated by this Liquid Brow Liner: it truly is the tool that will deliver perfect brows of all types every time.


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