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Summer is here and we’ve got good news for you. In case you don’t know, all of our products are smudge-proof, water-proof and paraben-free.

This means that you can enjoy all your favourite summer activities without having to worry about your makeup running or smearing. We have tested our products in some of the hottest locations on Earth, and they always stay put perfectly, no matter what.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a more fresh, natural look for summer. When the weather is hot you might not feel like wearing heavy makeup, but rather prefer to wear less makeup, especially during the day.

The Silk Mascara is perfect for summer. You can apply a few coats in the morning, and add a few more for an evening look. It can be layered up to 6 times and contains real silk fibers.

Silk itself has some fascinating properties, as well as a rich cultural history. It is historically associated with luxury, prosperity, and was the exclusive fabric used for the garments and bedding of royalty in China and Japan.

We hope that when you use The Silk Mascara, it will be a luxurious moment in your busy day. We believe in having simple beauty rituals to accompany your makeup routine. When you apply your makeup, do it with love and care.

Take a few extra moments to really appreciate your own beauty. We are all unique, and when we truly embrace our individuality, we shine!

Have a great week!


June 26, 2018 — Ama Staff
Tags: makeup tips

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