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Some people believe that all mascaras are created in the same way so it may not necessary to invest in a more high-end product. I wanted to shed some light on this, as this is not the case whatsoever. As you will learn here, it is very important to make sure you use only high quality mascara.

Mascara that costs $10 or less usually contains many toxic ingredients, since it is produced at a much lower cost. Manufacturers cannot invest in clean and high quality ingredients while trying to maintain their profit margin. These types of mascaras only deliver the basics: coating your lashes with toxic ingredient like tar and harsh preservatives, such as parabens. The toxic ingredients in cheap mascaras are linked to dry eyes, hormonal imbalance and other serious health concerns.  

I cannot make guarantees for all mascaras that cost $30 and up; I can only speak for our Amaterasu formulations. Certain companies do have to charge a lot because they invest heavily on marketing. Unfortunately some of the most expensive brands can also contain highly toxic ingredients. At Amaterasu, we strongly believe the only way to invest is in the quality and integrity of our products, so that our customers can truly benefit from the performance of our mascaras.

This is what I can guarantee for our Amaterasu products. We invest in clean ingredients. Therefore, even the most sensitive individuals can use our mascaras without having any reaction. We don’t put our dollars towards heavy advertising, but rather invest in the performance and integrity of the products. When we say our mascaras are smudge-proof and waterproof, we mean it. We understand, as women, we have a whole list of things to take care of on a daily basis. Having to check our makeup regularly throughout the day to make sure it has not smudged or running shouldn’t be one of those. Let us take care of that with our long-lasting, high performance products.

I hope the above information has helped clear up any confusion out there. The truth is that not all products are created equal. It is for this reason that our customers are some of the most loyal, we have the highest repeat purchase in this category. Some of our customers used to react to other brands of makeup, and thought they could not use any makeup at all. Others have written and told me they went with organic brands however; those mascaras were unfortunately not smudge-proof. Some customers had ended up giving up on makeup altogether until they found us.

Being in the makeup industry since I was a teenager, I understand well how formulations and marketing work. My personal philosophy that I have extended to the company is I would far rather offer high performance and healthy products than save a few dollars. We are committed to offering you the very best!  

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