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Summertime has arrived! During this warm and sunny season, it is popular to drink fresh juices, eat more salads and finally start that detox program we have been planning all year. I love to eat food and use products that are as natural as possible. I recently tried a mineral-based sunscreen with very clean ingredients. I was sitting by the lake for about 2 hours and my left shoulder ended up being quite red and I don’t burn easily.

Amaterasu Clean Makeup Blog Post

This experience inspired me to share a bit about my journey of learning about super clean versus functional products. I believe it is possible to have both when we are willing to be a bit flexible. At the time when I first started developing the Amaterasu Beauty Collection, I was practicing a very strict organic lifestyle. Everything in my home was as ‘green’ as it could be and I was also adamant about eating only fresh, organic produce and very little meat.

With my first product test runs, I was being an extreme case in my lifestyle and applied that same principle in the development of the Amaterasu line. A very important lesson I learned is that if I insisted on a super clean, all organic line the performance would be affected. As a make-up artist, a truly smudge-proof eyeliner or mascara is key to any look. I needed to find a way to make a very clean and safe product that could also live up to my high professional standards.

During the development process of the collection, I did my best in removing all harmful ingredients and replaced it with ingredients with a very low rating on the hazardous scale. As a result, the products are the cleanest you would find in its category and at the same time with the most superior performances for long lasting wear.

All Amaterasu products are paraben-free. I feel great in recommending our products to the most sensitive individuals. Their feedback is the most gratifying, especially when these individuals react to everything else on the market. To see women so happy when they finally find a product that they can use without reacting to is an amazing feeling.

Many of our regular customers also wear our makeup to workout in. I feel so comfortable and even excited to recommend our products to workouts and hot yoga as they are truly sweat proof, will not clog pores, nor react when doing any strenuous activities. Who says you can’t workout and look great at the same time? The top products my clients use are our Liquid Brow Liner, Mascara and Eyeliners.

It is all about quality and integrity when creating a high performing product line. I always say, I sleep well at night knowing I can offer women such products.

Thank you as always for spreading the word about Amaterasu!

Enjoy your summer!


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