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Welcome to our online eye makeup store Amaterasu

We are so excited to present our new website and “home” for Amaterasu online.  We are all about “mi casa es su casa,” and we hope our site will make you feel right at home. Our team has also been expanding and we are all so excited to bring our gifts and passions together to build this beauty brand on a mission to empower women to love themselves exactly as they are.

You will probably notice some beautiful new faces here, and we wanted to introduce these fabulous ladies to you.  We are passionate about featuring women to model our products that are amazing and beautiful both inside and out. We believe that it is truly the inner light of a woman that makes her shine and are committed to featuring incredible and inspiring women in our campaigns. Real, live modern day Goddesses!

The stunning brunette is the lovely and multi-talented Mona Aziz. A new Mom to a beautiful girl, Mona is a creative powerhouse. Founder of Cult of One jewelry, photographer, stylist, actress and model, Mona is ever expanding both personally and professionally. Most of all, Mona has a beautiful strong and sweet spirit that shines through everything she does and creates. We love how she embodies passion, grace, strength, and wisdom. Learn more about Mona here:

Our other featured stunner for our new website launch is gifted visual artist Christyn M. Hall, whose soft and sweet exterior houses a powerful and wise soul. Christyn’s visionary artwork reflects multi-faith spirituality and her own personal journey of transformation and healing. Check out her incredible work here!

Please enjoy exploring our new site and please let us know what you think!

We love hearing from you, sharing, serving and creating with amazing people like you is why we do what we do.


Enjoy the site and welcome home!

Elise Jene

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