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Posted on August 06 2017


Meet the dynamic powerhouse Gennica Whitney. We could not think of a better person to feature for BC day, considering she was just elected Mrs. BC 2017! Gennica wears many hats including being a mother to 3 girls and running her "Rise, Thrive and Conquer" collective which has a dedicated following of successful female entrepreneurs. We just love everything


Sara: Why did you decide to run for Mrs. BC?

Gennica: I ran for Mrs. BC because earlier on this year, I set out an intention to share my message + pursue my mission: "To inspire + empower the future of females to be confident, resilient and brave with their life." This opportunity came to me when I was reaching out looking for ways to share my voice. I knew right away that this something I needed to do. To me, it was never about winning the title, it was about the journey in getting crystal clear on the impact I wanted to make and my own ability to be confident, resilient and brave with my life.


Sara: What did you learn from the process?

Gennica: I learned that you can become whatever you believe, even if it scares you. I started tapping back into my spirituality and heavily meditated leading up to the competition so that I could clear any blocks I had from showing up in my light. I learned that when you do the inner work - mind, body, and spirit, you can truly accomplish what you desire. Without the inner work, the things we want in our external world feel impossible to attain.


Sara: You’re are a long-time veteran in cosmetics marketing. How is Amaterasu different in your opinion from other cosmetics brand out there?

Gennica: I love what Amaterasu stands for! As a mama and businesswoman, it is imperative to be able to put make-up on and trust that it will (1) Last long and (2) Not smudge. I appreciate what the line of make-up stands for and love the packaging of each piece.


Sara: What are your thoughts on supporting local BC brands?

Gennica: I think that it is our duty to support one another in our own communities, if we want to build a future that thrives for our friends and our families. Coming together as a province can be powerful if we choose to collaborate in ways that provide everyone a win-win. There are so many amazing BC brands and creative entrepreneurs behind the brand. I believe that if we are going to make a difference, we need to start in our own backyard.  I personally love supporting local brands because it gives me a sense of pride! So much talent to waste if we don't otherwise lift each other up!


Sara: Why is supporting a company that empowers women important to you?

Gennica: It's important for me to support a company that empowers women because I'm all about inspiring + empowering women from all walk's of Life! I stand for collaboration over competition and believe that we all have a special gift to share and contribute.


Sara: What are you doing right now that inspires and empowers women?

Gennica: I have a thriving Facebook Community and business, "Rise, Thrive & Conquer Collective," which is focused on supporting and empowering young women to wake up and fulfill her dream business. As Mrs. BC  2017-18, I plan to bring more awareness to the social responsibility of entrepreneurs - and I've also grown a passion for supporting mental health issues in the youth culture. If I can remind people of their personal power to create a life they love, then I feel like I have fulfilled my mission and my desire to lead a legacy.


Thank you Gennica for this beautiful interview. It was truly inspiring and we are so happy to have connected with you over this BC Day long weekend!



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