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How Yoga Makes You More Beautiful eye makeup amaterasu beauty


We are excited to introduce you to the lovely Kristen McCarthy who is one of our featured models this season. We have mentioned in the past that our Amaterasu products are great for yoga and Kristen is an amazing example of someone who always looks beautiful while teaching and working with clients. Read more to learn more about her and the wonderful work she does!
#1 How does practicing yoga enhance your inner beauty?
For me, beauty is a perception of life that comes from inside, and it reflects back how I think and feel about myself. Both yoga and shamanic practices have helped me reconnect to a vital source of energy and light within. These practices have slowed me down, and taught me to listen to the quiet voice that is always trying to guide me. When I listen, I understand where I need to make the effort to resolve negativity inside myself, and how I can choose the more difficult but more rewarding path of cultivating a beautiful inner space filled with courage, patience and good will. 
#2 Why do you think inner peace is so important?
I believe inner peace is the only true way to evolve our consciousness - it's not science or technology alone that will save humankind, but it's the cultivation of our hearts that can lead us to a great breakthrough. We are the only ones who can cultivate peace inside of ourselves. We can decide to end the way of violence in our hearts, minds and actions. There is never a better time than now to take the first step toward peace. 
#3 How does being a yoga instructor at Open Door Yoga help you to connect with women from all walks of life?
I love the work that I do as a yoga teacher and energy healing practitioner, because it connects me to the women in my community who are walking through deep spaces of healing in their lives. There are forces in life that bring us together as a group to heal. It is a potent time in someone's life when they are transforming. The role I play is to hold space for another as they walk through the inner fire. From them, I learn about my own humanity, and that is a sacred exchange.  
#4 What does empowering beauty mean to you?
When someone truly offers a gift from their heart that is beauty. The gifts that we have inside of ourselves come from our spiritual self-esteem - the part of us we've discovered through our courage, gratitude and joy for life. Beauty is empowering when it opens people up and makes them smile. 
I feel beautiful when I nourish myself in body, mind and spirit. Truly, when I am under a night sky with stars I feel incredibly beautiful and inside of my power. I love simplicity because then the light can come through. 
#5 What are some of your favourite Amaterasu Products?
I love Amaterasu products because they are clean and ethical. My personal favourite is the Ultra Volume Mascara because it plumps up my lashes and doesn't smudge. 



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