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Posted on May 17 2017


This week, we will talk about a topic close to our hearts: Yoga. We have found that Amaterasu is a great compliment to Yoga and wanted to share this with you!


Firstly from Sara:

“I recently tried hot yoga for the first time, although I work out, do pilates and barre class often and love that my makeup never smudges or runs. I used to think I might pass out in a heated room while doing yoga, but being the curious person I am, I thought I might put Amaterasu to the test! For years I have heard from our customers that they do hot yoga wearing our eye makeup and it doesn’t smudge or run. I personally have been in 42 degree plus Celsius temperature in Asia and my makeup was still flawless so I didn’t think I needed to try hot yoga to test our products, but decided to try it for fun anyway.

For my hot yoga class, I wore the Liquid Brow Liner, Liquid Eyeliner and Ultra Volume Mascara and I came out of class looking exactly the same as when I went in! For those of you who have not tried hot yoga, it is intense. The room is heated up to at least 30 degrees celsius or more and everyone sweats a lot. I have been doing hot yoga all week and all the women in class are looking at me and wondering how I pull it off – my makeup that is!”

On Instagram & Facebook, we recently posted a video of one of our loyal customers from Malaysia. Her name is Pooi Ching and she has an incredible practice. Her poses, like her, are so beautiful. She makes it look so effortless, but we know she has put so much love and dedication into cultivating her amazing yoga practice. We featured Pooi Ching because she wears our makeup and it never smudges during her practice. We also want to support this incredible journey she is on and hope she can be an inspiration to those who are considering yoga for the first time.

Check out her video here. 

Yoga with Amaterasu Beauty from Sara Au Yeong on Vimeo.

Now, it is time for me to share my Amaterasu success story. I am one of those “creative types” who always does many different things. Prior to having my baby I was a bodywork therapist, musician and yoga teacher. One of my challenges was finding one “look” that could suit all the different activities I would have in a day. What I love about Amaterasu is that it can get me through a full day and fulfill every purpose! It is dramatic enough for performances, durable to last through a day of giving massages, and never runs or smudges when teaching a yoga class or practicing myself. Yoga is such an important part of my daily life and I cannot recommend it enough to everyone. There are many different types of yoga to suit different personalities and physical needs, but they all cultivate flexibility and openness both in the mind and body.

We all know that Yoga is about inner transformation, but it never hurts to look good while doing it! I am so grateful to have discovered Amaterasu. It is such a relief to know I can go from meetings, to errands, to clients and yoga, then out for dinner after or even a night on the town and my makeup will be consistent. It is just one last thing to worry about in the busy lives we all lead. I think we can all say “Om Shanti” to that. In case you are not familiar with Sanskrit, the ancient language of India often used in yoga class, here is your first lesson: Shanti means Peace.

Peace and Blessings to you all!





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